Concordat of Worms

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  • Church Union Formation

    conflicts between the church and the state, the german princes rebelled against the emperor and were able to win the concession, that allowed them to exercise more power. As the secular vs spiritual conflict continued, some local lords were getting stronger. In 1088 pope Urban II came to power. He establishes closer ties with Norman Sicily and launched the first crusade in 1096. After the concordat of Worms in 1122, the first round of the battle between the church and the state came to end. Pope Calixtus II and Emperor Henry V compromised to the Concordat of Worms. The Pope agreed, that «I, bishop Calixtus, servant of the servants of God, do grant to thee beloved son, Henry--by the grace of God august emperor of the Romans--that the elections of the bishops and abbots of the German kingdom, who belong to the kingdom…» (Concordat of Worms) In return Henry promised to protect the interest of the church: « And in matters where the holy Roman church shall demand aid I will grant it; and in matters concerning which it shall make complaint to me I will duly grant to it justice.» (Concordat of Worms) Two powers were able to compromise: clergy could appoint the bishops, but the emperor had the power to decide on participants of the election. As Otto’s dynasty died out, Barbarossa, the representative of Hohenstaufen house, become the king of Germany during the 1152 and 1190 C.E. His coronation started the second round of battles between the church and the state. Barbarossa…

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  • The Church In The Middle Ages: An Analysis

    The word “God” during the middle ages had a very strong presence, but it would not have been that strong if it was not for the Church. The Church was a very dominant force in the middle ages and over the years it developed an even stronger system of governance, regulation, and economy. Yet historians disagree over who should have had the actual power of the church of England the pope or the king. The power struggle between the king and the church of England was one of the biggest conflict. An…

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  • The Holy Catholic Church

    From humble beginnings to an oppressive doctrine, the Holy Catholic Church truly underwent change throughout the course of Medieval history. Seen in these two letters, Clericis Laicos and Unam Sanctam, are what would seem to be the culmination of all this history: the responses of Pope Boniface VIII to the continued pressures of secular rule and its jurisdiction in relation to the Church and its functioning. With the Church’s rapid increase in size and influence over the past several centuries,…

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  • The Elements Of Gothicism In Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven

    An air of gloom, anguish and despair, with a hint of melancholy and a feathery apparition haunting the mind of a young scholar who is burdened by bereaved love and has secluded himself behind his chamber door, in a room full of bittersweet memories. Such is the work of Edgar Allan Poe, specifically, that of The Raven. Published on the 29th of January 1845, The Raven instantly became a hit and Poe’s most famous work. Oftentimes when discussing the gothic genre, many may immediately think of Poe,…

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  • Barber Pole Worm Research Paper

    The most common and dangerous endoparasite to sheep in Australia is the barbers pole worm. These specific worms thrive in warm moist, conditions and especially after rainfall. These blood sucking worms can grow up to 20- 30mm and female worms are capable of laying up to 10 000 eggs a day. The barber’s pole worm has three main life cycle stages of the dung, pasture and host stage (Figure 1). The dung stage is when the dung passes through the sheep onto the grass with the worms hatching…

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  • Symbolism In The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

    The Raven Symbolism “The Raven” is a narrative poem written by Edgar Allan Poe. Many authors have used talking birds and ravens in their writing, but used in Poe uses the raven to represent a sad longing for his dead wife or lover with the emotions of loneliness, sadness, fear,madness, and death. “The Raven” was inspired by “A Tale of the Riots Eighty” by Charles Dickens. Throughout the poem, the narrator looks for some answers about seeing his wife, Lenore again in the afterlife as he stares…

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  • The Loss Of Loss In Poe's The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

    Happiness Nevermore The crushing weight of painful memories imprisons the soul with endless sorrow and despair. In the narrative poem, “The Raven,” written by Edgar Allan Poe, the raven is symbolic. During the night, while the narrator is reading in an attempt to forget his sorrow for the loss of his love, Lenore, a strange, black raven flies through his window and perches above his bedroom door. The narrator proceeds to ask the raven several questions and the raven surprisingly answers each…

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  • Poem Analysis Of Harwood's Barn Owl

    Harwood’s Barn Owl At the beginning of the poem it is daybreak and all the members of the house are still asleep except for the child. The child, in the poem, is portrayed as both good and bad, a fiend and an angel. The father is shown as a powerful figure in the child’s life with evidence shown in the phrase “old No-Sayer”. This means ‘the one who opposes’ and this confirms that he could be the one that makes the decisions, decides yes or no, in the family. In the second stanza, the father…

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  • Summary: Comparing The Raven And Ode To Nightingale

    Melivia Mujica February 22, 2018 Prof. Ms. Haight English 1302 The comparison of the Raven and Ode to Nightingale “The Raven” and “Ode to a Nightingale” both use birds as central symbols/images. To give the reader a better picture of the what is happening and giving a central ADD MORE ..... In the poem “ The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe the character goes through this emotional ride of missing and not knowing if his deceased lover was in a heaven. The raven is a symbol of his depression haunting…

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  • Cyber Warfare Research Paper

    single trace. (sKyWIper analysis team, 2012) Stuxnet is one of the most well-known and publicized acts of cyber warfare that has ever happened. This is because unlike many other acts of cyber warfare stuxnet actually had a publically known effect on the world. Stuxnet sped up nuclear centrifuges in Iran causing extensive damage and delays to Iran’s nuclear program. When it was discovered in autumn of 2010 it became the act that made cyber warfare as well known and feared as it is today. However,…

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