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  • Case Study Of Adult Plea Court Cases

    but had violated that many times. Shauna was also not allowed to leave her home unless there was a presence of surety, but there wasn 't. She had repeatedly stolen items from Cosmo Prof, Shoppers Drug Mart and LCBO when she was not to enter these stores and failed to comply. By completing these actions, she had violated section 733 sub section 1 and had also violated section 265 subsection 2 because she had assaulted the manager at Shoppers and resisted arrest. She had also violated section 733.1 sub section 1 because she was not allowed to attend Shoppers and stole items from there when she was on probation. The amount that she had stolen from all stores totalled to an amount that exceeded $5000. Judge Kehoe then had made a decision to sentence Shauna as guilty since she has violated many sections of the criminal code and not respected the conditions she was to…

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  • The Importance Of Rule In Standard English

    In the sentence If the test was held on Sunday, more people could take it, something sounds a little strange to our linguistic competency, which is our “hidden knowledge” of a language (Mihalic̆ek and Wilson). It may be difficult to point out the error, but instinctively we know an error lies somewhere within the sentence. According to Martha Kolln, “In if clauses that express a wish or a condition contrary to fact, we use were as the standard form of be, no matter what the subject” (Kolln and…

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  • Retribution Theory Of Punishment Essay

    if you commit a crime you can be sentenced to do time in jail, have to pay a fine such as a speeding ticket. If a criminal serves enough of their time or is in good behavior they can be eligible for probation. Probation is the suspension of jail time. Probation allows a person to remain living in the community under the supervision of a probation officer. While of probation some people are required to have a job. Violating these terms may cause the court to end the probation and send you to jail…

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  • Brown's Stages Of Syntactic And Morphological Development

    skills there have been many studies and theories conducted regarding the development of language in the human mind including nature vs. Nurture. Ideas support that language development is natural, while other ideas believe there are external factors. This Essay illustrates and focuses on firstly Phonological (The way sound is stored in the mind, Sound is said), Syntactic (How language is used to combine words, sentences). Semantic (Understanding appropriate use of phrases, sentences, definition)…

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  • Universal Grammar Case Study

    theory which supports the idea that all human languages, although different in the surface, share some fundamental principles. These principles are generally true across languages, while parameters, on the other hand, are settings that allow for variation from language to language (White, 2003, p.2). The Extended Projection Principle (EPP) is a principle common to all languages which states that a sentence must always have a subject. According to the EPP and as explained by Carnie (2013), all…

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  • Essay On Observation In The Classroom

    It was helpful to observe the entire third-grade literacy block in order to understand how the pacing and flow of the instruction works rather than simply reading about it in a text book. My initial impression was that the pacing was rapid enough to ensure each component of the lesson moves along smoothly, which assisted with classroom management as there was no moment when the students could waste time. Consequently, my visit to the classroom (from 10:30am to 12:25pm) felt like no time at all.…

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  • Sеng And Eng Vocabulary

    When preposition on occur before a specific date or day of the week ( related to time ), it is removed or omitted from the sentence in USEng. E.g. USEng : The new store will open Feb. 1st EngEng: The new store will open on Feb. 1st 2.Before temporal nouns indicating repetition or habitual action, the preposition may be omitted in USEng (the nouns must become plural if deletion occurs): USEng :He works days and studies nights EngEng: He works…

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  • Valentine's Day In Excerpt 1

    enough to give short answers. In line 6, I had a pause after "box of.." which gave students time to repeat student 4 's answer. After asking "anything else", I immediately chose Edmund to answer the question. And he immediately answered. Compared to questions that are for the whole class, which may get silence in return, when teacher pick one student to answer, usually the student would immediately gave an answer. Teacher 's feedback also influence how students perform and interact. In…

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  • Standard Arabic Essay

    The reason why the word “ate” moves to the beginning of the sentence in Arabic is that there is an empty complementizer position that accepts it. In contrast, the word ate does not move in the subordinate clause (in the right picture) because the complementizer position is filled by the auxillary “that.” To test the validity of this explanation, I presented the native speaker with additional sentences containing both occupied and unoccupied complementizer positions. His translations of these…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Day As A Volunteer

    My first day as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls club was a very well day. I had already known that there are a lot of kids and the time that I went in at was homework time. Since it was the first day I was unsure of where to go and what to do; thankfully the staffs there are very welcoming and very inclusive. The surprised on my first day was the welcoming, curiosity and the flood of questions that some of the children had asked me. I had plan to be the one asking the children questions,…

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