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  • Essay On Color Blindness

    blindness in one or both eyes. Color blindness is easy to detect and can be self-diagnosed for most people. If your color blindness is not inherited then it can be caused by a number of different diseases and you should see a doctor immediately after realizing your vision is not the same to prevent any serious condition. The reason that color blindness occurs starts in the retina of the eyeball. It is the light sensitive cells in the retina that fail to respond appropriately to variations of light that allow people to see many different colors. The different forms of this disorder are caused by deficiencies in certain types of cones in the retina or not having any at all. Cones are sensitive to light and are responsible for why we are able to see color in our vision. If the disorder is not inherited then it can be caused by one of many different diseases. Some examples are Parkinson’s disease, cataracts, epilepsy, kallman’s syndrome, and many more. Color blindness can also be caused by the aging process when you get older. When you age your retina cells might start to get damaged and that causes your vision to worsen. You can also have color blindness if it is caused by a head injury that affects areas of the brain where vision processes take place. In the most common form of color blindness, red-green, there is an X linked recessive gene. This common form of color blindness is an X-linked recessive gene. The chromosomes given from your mother in your DNA are…

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  • The Cultural Myth Of Color Blindness

    One of the cultural myths that I have fallen into would have to be the ‘colorblindness is progress’. I’ve always seen past people and their color, or where they came from. I enclosed myself in the mindset of ‘I’m not racist because I don’t look at people’s skin color or background’. After learning about color blindness, and realizing that I was apart of it, I now know that this is the wrong way to view humans. Color blindness may seem like a good idea, and the intention might be of good intent;…

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  • Deuteronopia Case Study

    1. a) Define Deuteronopia. b) What causes it? c) Why is it more frequent in males than females? d) Contrast the two types of receptor cells in the retina, and describe the retina’s reaction to light. Deuteranopia is when someone is colorblind, which results from the exposure to green light, causing the person to be confused, mixing up the colors as green, red, and yellow. Color blindness is caused by the green sensitive cones. In addition, deuteranopia is caused by a genetic condition where…

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  • Example Of Perception Research Paper

    about how amazing it is to be able to perceive the world around me. I understood that from the retina to the brain, perception goes from complex to extremely complex. In other words, being able to experience the real world is one of the marvelous opportunities that we have. This phenomenon starts with light getting in contact with the cornea continuing to the back of the eyes, to the retina, before light goes to the optic nerve and end up in the brain. This process appears to be simple;…

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  • Color Perception Essay

    nose, and tongue. Our vision comes from our sense organ, our eyes and travels to the part of the brain that processes vision, the occipital lobe. From there what we see is a perception of what we are getting from our sense organ. Our perception of color in particular is shaped by the culture that we live in and biologically through the rods and cones in our eyes (How vision works, 2015). The way that the brain sees color is biologically based, and perception…

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  • Earth On Fire Analysis

    1. The documentary Earth on Fire that focuses on how mega-fires and fires effect forest and ecosystems in today’s world. The documentary primarily focuses on New Mexico and the southwest region of the United States along with areas in Australia. For starters I knew forest fires can be deadly to forest areas as far as harming the ecosystem and ruining soil but this documentary opened my eyes to the long term effects forest fires can have and introduced to me the term “mega-fire” which I was…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Value Of Community Service

    The head of the organization had sent an email to my head coach asking for help. I was free that day and volunteered to spend a couple hours there. While the adults grilled the food, we worked the shaved ice station making ice, adding the flavors, and collecting money. I really liked being able to put a smile on a a little girl’s face by making her a rainbow snow cone. Overall I had a lot of fun and got to know some of the girls from the volleyball program better that I didn’t really know…

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  • Haida Gwaii Analysis

    Haida Gwaii is an archipelago comprised of over two-hundred islands divided into three main physiographic regions: the Queen Charlotte Ranges, the Skidegate Plateau, and the Queen Charlotte Lowlands (Banner et al., 2014). These diverse landscapes and climates give rise to a wide range of plant species, which have sustained the Haida and their ancestors for over ten-thousand years (Banner et al., 2014). However, these plants are more than just a source of sustenance for the Haida, as they are a…

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  • Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening Poem Analysis

    In Robert Frost's Poem "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening" the speaker chooses to surround himself with the dangers of nature away from the comforts of society; whereas Tennyson's "The Lady of Shalott" is in a tower locked away from the beauties of society because of her own fears. As the speaker in Frost's poem secludes himself from society he notices the dangers around him and what they could potentially cause. In Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" he describes a man…

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  • The Importance Of Social Norms In Public Places

    it is an unspoken violation of personal territories. When I entered the elevator, there was a couple standing squarely in the middle of the elevator. They saw me and moved to the back in order to let me in. Even though the elevator had enough space, they were willing to stand in a corner. There was plenty of room for the three of us. One floor down, two parents came in with their two kids, and the elevator started to get crowded. The original couple stood side by side before the family came…

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