The Importance Of Communication And Language Development

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Unit 6 Assignment An infant starts developing their communication skills before their first words are even spoken. Any delays or challenges in speech or language development will also influence the individual’s academics, behavior, and social skills (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2015). If the speech or language challenge is found early enough, there is a possibility that it can be treated early on (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2015). The following information was provided in an interview of a mother named Victoria, who shared her experience regarding Michelle, her daughter and her language development journey. Victoria said she began communicating with Michelle before she was born. Victoria would sign …show more content…
Language skills are an essential part of learning, communicating, and building relationships with others (Brock & Rankin, 2008). The parent has a key role in developing and encouraging language skills with their children however, professionals and policy makers also play a key part (Brock & Rankin, 2008). Well qualified professionals who are knowledgeable, well informed with the ability to reflect and evaluate their role is essential (Brock & Rankin, 2008). Children who are involved with enjoyable experiences in everyday activities promoted through play, learn most effectively (Brock & Rankin, 2008). Caregivers and adults who take an active role in play while talking and listening to the children not only build confidence but develop a strong foundation and easy approach to learning and life skills (Brock & Rankin, 2008). Many children acquire language skills by studying other children so early socialization is essential for healthy childhood development. If a child is having difficulty in language or speech development it is important to get them checked out to see what the cause could be. Having their hearing checked out early on can prove to be a great benefit and save years of challenges down the road. Getting the child enrolled in speech classes early on at the onsite of challenges can dramatically increase their chances of having normal language development latter on in

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