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  • The Maize God

    The Maya Maize God is a statue that was made around 1,300 years ago and was found in Copan, Honduras. Now, the Maya Maize God is displayed in the British Museum. He was carved with limestone to look as if he is meditating and his facial features are very symmetrical. The statue’s arms are bent with the palms facing outwards, giving an impression of power. Perhaps, the most symbolic feature of the Maya Maize God is that he has a headdress in the shape of a corn cob. Corn was important for many reasons, one being that ancient societies often believed corn had sacred properties. The Maya Maize God was evidently a demonstration of mythological beings that resulted from the third Maya creation. Four women and four men made up the eight mythological beings who are ancestors of the Maya people. The Maya thought their ancestors originally came from corn, consequently maize was a primary focus in their rituals and religious practices. Maize was also very significant during this time period because other food resources such as squash and beans were very limited on the ground and there were no easily domesticated animals. Maize was able to be grown in the dry mountain regions as well as in the in the wet lowlands making it more accessible for farmers to plant corn during any season.…

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  • Maize Case Study

    Chapter one 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background information and rationale Maize (Zea Mays L.) is one the most important cereal crop in sub-Saharan Africa and Zimbabwe. According to FAO statistics the total amount of maize produced worldwide is estimated at 785 million tons and United States of America is the largest producer and contributing 42%, Africa produces 6.5% with Nigeria being the largest African producer with nearly 8 million tons, followed by South Africa. Based on area and production,…

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  • Maize And Anasazi Culture

    The early use of maize would take years to establish itself with the Native Americans. The maize plant moved north from Mexico into the southwestern North America. Early maize was an incidental crop, the seed were scatter and the resulting crop was gathered. Maize would slowly gain a foot hold and finally become a stable of the Native American diet. Maize would allow the rise of the Anasazi. Climate change and drought would destroy the Anasazi culture, by creating famine. Unable to support the…

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  • Maya Maize God Statue

    Food related to History Before 1500s The Maya Maize God Statue (MacGregor,pg 49) is a stone statue found in the Copan,Honduras area and has been dated back to 715 AD. The statue represents both the cycle of Agriculture which is planting and putting seeds in the ground to harvesting and receiving what you have worked hard for it. Also, represents the human life cycle of birth and growth and then eventually death or consumption. They think that the statue represented corn or maize…

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  • Case Study: Integrated Crop Management Of MAIZE

    INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT OF MAIZE I. Integrated Crop Management - ICM 1. What is ICM? ICM is a manufacturing process to effectively provide sufficient food and other products, reducing the consumption of material resources, protecting the quality of soil, water, air, and biodiversity. 2. The basics of ICM - Plant care and nutrition management: + Using the high-yielding and disease-free seeds of good crop varieties + Ensuring planting density to promote the yield potential of varieties +…

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  • Maize Research Paper

    Maize has an extended history. The exact date is not certain, but it is said that maize in its oldest form is at least 60,000 years old. Archeological findings of fossil pollen grain were a start to finding the origin of maize. Fossil grains were found significantly beneath Mexico City. All findings and data gathered about the maize and its ancestry seems to come from the Americas. Maize is undoubtedly an American plant if you look at its history of findings and its center of origin.…

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  • Hordeum Bulbosum Is Restricted To Crossable Wheat Genotypes

    genotypes. Nonetheless, maize pollen appears to be insensitive to these crossability limiting factors, and pollen can be taken from a wide range of maize germplasm (Suenaga 1994). In maize mediated Dh system, the intergeneric crosses between wheat and maize followed…

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  • Entomopathogenic Fungi Lab Report

    mays, var. B73) seeds were immersed in 0.5 % % sodium hypochlorite for surface-sterilization for two minutes, dipped in 70 % ethanol for two minutes and rinsed in sterile distilled water thrice. 100 μl of the last rinsing water was plated on potato dextrose agar (PDA) media, and incubated 10 days at 25 °C to ensure the success of sterilization. The experiment was continued on successful seeds sterilization. The seeds were inoculated with all the fungal cultures having to 1 X 108 conidia ml_1 and…

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  • Mayan Food History

    For example, one myth told by the Mayans in their sacred book, the Popol Vuh, tells about the creation of mankind through their God’s many attempts at creating the human that best fit their needs. The story tells how mankind was first made from mud, but this didn’t work because man could hardly see, hear or walk and were soon washed away. The Mayan gods then made other beings out of wood and these beings were successful for operating but they lacked blood and souls, so they were destroyed.…

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  • Great Plains Culture

    Maize was planted next, in order to use what is known as “three sisters agriculture.” In this method of farming, around five maize seeds were planted in a large mound of soil. After the maize had grown to be a few inches tall, climbing beans and squash would be planted between the mounds in which the corn grew. The squash leaves, because they’re so large, could shade the soil and help retain moisture while the beans helped fix the nitrogen in the soil, while using the corn stalks as support to…

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