Case Study: Integrated Crop Management Of MAIZE

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I. Integrated Crop Management - ICM
1. What is ICM?
ICM is a manufacturing process to effectively provide sufficient food and other products, reducing the consumption of material resources, protecting the quality of soil, water, air, and biodiversity.
2. The basics of ICM
- Plant care and nutrition management:
+ Using the high-yielding and disease-free seeds of good crop varieties
+ Ensuring planting density to promote the yield potential of varieties
+ Assuring adequate, and reasonable supply of fertilizers
+ Applying a watering regime, which is scientific and proper to requirements for plant growth.
- Plant pest management Applying control measures of integrated pest management (IPM)
II. ICM of maize
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* How to apply
- Basal fertilizing (before seeding): whole amount of manure and phosphorus fertilizer (can apply fertilizers at the soil preparing or planting time)
- The first side-dress application (when the corn plants have 3-4 leaves): Apply 140kg nitrogen/ha and 40 kg potassium/ha Note: You should add fertilizer away from corn stem 5-6cm, and then cover with soil to avoid fertilizer evaporating. Fertilizer should not be scattered because it will fall into whorls.
- The second side-dress application: (When the corn plants have 7-9 leaves): Apply 140kg of urea and 40kg potassium/ha. These two fertilizers are mixed and fertilize 10-12cm away from plant stems
- The third side-dress application (tasseling time): Apply 40 kg potassium/ha
6. Plant Care
* Pruning and replacing corn plants:
- When plants have 3-4 leaves, it is necessary to prune or trim weak or diseased plants, leaving one plant per planting cavity
- Replace dead and diseased plants with standby corn plants
* Digging and weeding after planting corn
- The first time: Weeding in combination with the first
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2. Principles of the usage of Plant Protection Products
Applying 4R principles
- Right source
- Right rate
- Right time
- Right place
3. Safety Measures
* Before spraying
- Correctly detect and identify pests/diseases
- Choose the right crop protection product to purchase
- Always read and follow label instructions
- The user having no wounds or scratches
- Wear protective clothing and equipment includes long sleeved clothes, caps, goggles, face masks, rubber boots, gloves, etc
* While spraying
- Observe the wind direction to avoid the wind not blowing chemical solution onto people
- Spray evenly and exactly as product label instruction
- Keep people and animals out of the spraying area
- Never eat, drink, and smoke while spraying
* After spraying
- Collect all empty packages and containers
- Clean all contaminated equipment after use
- The remainder bottles, packages must be capped and sealed, place out of the reach of children, away from the living areas of people, livestock, and pets
- The user must wash thoroughly after work
4. Main Corn Pests and Diseases and Control Measures

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