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  • Mesoamerica Essay

    Mesoamerica contains many diverse environmental zones, highland plains to lowland jungle. These diverse environmental zones allowed for the development of diverse cultures. The ancient civilizations that inhabited this area influenced civilizations that would develop and take their places. These societies began after the domestication of maize. The Olmecs were a society that developed after domestication took place. While trade may have been common in Mesoamerica. The Olmecs created longer distance trade routes. They made contact with much of Mesoamerica. These trade routes not only spread goods, but ideas from their society as well. The power of Olmecs chiefs were derived from the managerment of not only long-distance trade, but corvee…

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  • Cannibalism In Mesoamerica

    There are many words that one can use to describe the indigenous people of Mesoamerica: brilliant architects, pioneers in mathematics and astrometry. However, there are a few words that are hardly ever utter out loud; cannibals and superficial individuals who perform human sacrifice. To our modern society, the practices of the Aztec people may seem a bit strange and a little bit extreme but to the Native people it was a part of their religious practices. If you can imagine it, it would be like…

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  • Feminism In Mesoamerica Dbq

    In the 19th century the Spanish came down to Mesoamerica due to political conflicts like Napoleon taking over many countries in Europe. The pressure he put on countries lead Spain to go down to Mesoamerica and when they got there the people, in their eyes, were barbaric animals that need to be shown the proper way to live. As a result, the Spanish took over because they had a stronger army than the Natives. With their newfound land they set up a class system unique to Mesoamerica. They had the…

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  • Mesoamerica And Mesopotamia Similarities

    During the course of this semester, we have been focusing on the earliest civilizations and what they have contributed to our society today. Although Mesopotamia (Sumerians) and Mesoamerica (Olmecs) are relatively near each other and there are numerous similarities, they still had distinct differences. Mesoamerica was more advanced than Mesopotamia despite the fact that archaeologists have found limited evidence. While the Sumers had a not-so-whopping population of 18,000 per city, the Olmecs…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The Natural Environment Essay

    ANTH 235 Fall 2016 Final Exam essays The natural environment has been used to help explain the rise and fall of archaeological cultures across the world. Evaluate the relative importance of environment with specific examples from Mesoamerica and the Andes. The environment has always been a key factor of the success or implosion for civilizations all around the globe. Mesoamerica and the Andes, both hold a handful of societies that were created, expanded, and even destroyed by the natural…

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  • Mother Culture Model

    Since archaeology developed as an academic discipline, scholars have devoted substantial attention to identifying the first civilizations; one prominent area of debate concerns how and when civilization initially ascended in Mesoamerica – much of modern day Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador (Blomster et al. 2005). Approximately 3000 years ago, Mexico’s Gulf Coast was inhabited by the Olmec – an archaeological culture that differs from a conventional culture as it is a…

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  • Holmberg's Mistake Of The Olmec: Sister Culture

    There is an idea going around with the Olmec. The idea is whether the Olmec is a “Mother culture” or a “Sister culture”. The meaning between these two is that one who started it and there’s the other that gain influence from it. “One of the first groups in Mesoamerica to develop large ceremonial complexes were the Olmec.” (Martin 8). This comes from the book Latin America and Its People by Cheryl E Martin and Mark Wasserman. Another piece of evidence comes from the same book by Martin and…

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  • Compare And Contrast Inca And Aztecs

    The Aztec and Inca empires grew rapidly during the fifteenth century and were far superior than the other Indigenous groups in their land. While these two empires expanded differently they both prove to be the most power empires to have existed in Mesoamerica. The Mexica, who were the Aztecs, and Incas became powerful through their military successes, and reformed religious ideologies. While both of these empires proved to be successful in growing their empires where they both experienced power…

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  • Inca And Aztec Empires

    Tell me if you had to choose between the emperor of the Inca Empire or emperor of the Aztec Empire which one would you be? I have been studying the ancient societies of mesoamerica and have been busy writing this essay for you to read and judge.I will explain these people in just a moment but I want to go over 2 main parts their similarities and differences. The Inca and Aztec empires though very different had some things in common what are these let's find out. Both of the civilizations…

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  • Colossal Head

    discoveries of why, but speculation points to conquest by a neighboring culture that conquered and destroyed the Olmec along with their civilization. Numerous other Maya sites and related ones on the Pacific Coast show signs of growing from settlements into cities with ceremonial centers at around 1000 BC. The date from 1200 to 1000 BC appears to be the period of time when most Maya settlements progressed into the early preclassic period and built either cities or large settlements. Their…

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