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  • Hillsborough High School Research Paper

    The religious landscape of the United States continually evolves as generations come and go. Without an established religion in the US, the freedom to practice what someone personally believes in is unabridged, therefore allowing the US to diversify. Religion is important in society for the reason that it is “a major force throughout the world that fuels policy and debate in government” (UC Davis). However, studies show that Americans are quite illiterate regarding religion: a majority of people answer less than half of the questions about core teachings, history, and influential figures of major world religions correctly (Liu). Lacking any background in religion corresponds to ignorance and intolerance as well, which at the school-age level can lead to bullying. A Sikh first grader has been the target of bullying because of his classmates’ unfamiliarity with his religion (Dallas). The Sikh religion forbids the cutting of one’s hair as a major tenet; however, classmates unknowingly were criticizing his religion by tormenting the first grader about the “girly” length of his hair and threatening to cut his hair while doing crafts (Dallas). The…

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  • Importance Of Educating People On Religion

    The Importance of Educating People on Religion Globalization has made it possible for people with different cultural and religious backgrounds to interact. While people in general have the same needs and often the similar goals, not all religions have the same practices. Some may have similar beliefs such as the denominations of Christianity but are often separated by details. In fact, religions have different ideals, which is the reason for the division. Although an individual may only be…

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  • Personal Narrative: One True Religion

    that is living by a religion. When we are born we are most likely told to live by something we have no idea about and are forced to live the rest our lives by it. I compared different religions and atheist. Finding out if there 's one true religion would help me and others on living the only life we have without wasting it. The research made me think about religions about how different they are. The research made me think about how answering this question is probably the closest thing to…

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  • Divine Knowledge In Chinese Religion

    The Divine Knowledge in Chinese Religions Youteng Bi In no matter what religious traditions the discussion of divine knowledge is always an important topic, for it concerns the questions about the power of the divine. The discussion of the power of the divine often influences believers’ faith. In Abrahamic traditions, the discussion of the divine knowledge directly relates to the mighty of the God, thus many theologians in history devoted themselves to develop systematic theories on divine…

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  • The Importance Of Abrahamic Religions In The United States

    On the other hand, it is necessary to foster a sense of love and respect for all people. Thus, Islamic moral teaching commands Muslims to wish for his brother what he wishes for himself. According to Islamic teaching, should be done all that is good and what is in personal and social benefit. Judeo-Christian groups are very popular in the USA. Its concept is ethical and becomes part of American civil religion. There is present an attempt to include Islam as well, and it is called Abrahamic…

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  • What Is The Afterlife?

    The afterlife is a concept present in some major world religions. Two include Christianity and Islam, which are two major world religions. I have always been interested in the relationship of these two religions, and wanted to know more in depth about how they compare. And so after reading Angela Sumegi’s book Understand Death: An Introduction to Ideas of Self and the Afterlife in World Religions, I became fascinated with how the afterlives compared in Christianity and Islam. The afterlife…

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  • The Stereotypes Of Radicalism

    Religious radicalism can be determined based off of opposition. When someone is radical they can be bigoted, or use religious text to justify spreading hatred, and violence. Most of the time radicals want their interpretation of their scripture to be seen as the truth, so when there is disagreement they feel threatened, so how are radicals created? Firstly, there are common answers to why radicals are created. Poverty is a known answer, but it is mainly a misconception. Most extremists were in…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Buddhism And Buddhism

    Humanity forms a single community amongst the people of the world. Each and every single day, people are getting connected and drawing closer to each other, forming groups those individuals of diverse background can relate to. Suffice to say, religious traditions can bring people closer to each other and to the almighty creator, but rather, religion is doing the complete opposite. Individuals around the world are been torn apart by their religions. Different religions in the world are teaching…

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  • Life Along The Silk Road

    Trade Significance As major trade routes advanced throughout history, it helped with the development of societies with the transference of materials, religious beliefs, new inventions, languages, and art across the land. However, an important result from trade routes is the expansion and transfer of religion along with it. Some of the religions benefitting from travel and passing along knowledge and stories were Buddhism, Christianity, and Islamic faith. During the time of the Silk Road,…

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  • How Do Religions Handle Conflict

    Conflict: an analysis of how the World Religions traditions have been known to handle conflict Conflict can arise in many different forms, within different people or groups. Based on people’s origins there are several places to look at conflict and its resolution such as religion. In Hinduism and Judaism, both religions are forced to resolve conflict in various areas, but most prominently with invading peoples and ideologies. Both religions have been known to handle this conflict in a similar…

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