The Stereotypes Of Radicalism

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There are many issues plaguing the world causing fear, scrutiny of world leaders, and unrest globally. Terrorism is a top concern in the face of most countries; with the media projecting the portrayal of terrorist such as Brussels, it is always linked with islamic radicalists. Common questions as to why terrorist attacks happen involve digging into the reasons behind the perpetrators. What were their prime motives? Who were the specific targets? What was the end result of the deadly encounter? Radicalism is the holding of or following of extreme views or principles ( Radicalism is not only dominant in religion; but can come in several forms ranging from racism, gender issues, and inequality. Radicalism is resulted from a distorted …show more content…
Religious radicalism can be determined based off of opposition. When someone is radical they can be bigoted, or use religious text to justify spreading hatred, and violence. Most of the time radicals want their interpretation of their scripture to be seen as the truth, so when there is disagreement they feel threatened, so how are radicals created? Firstly, there are common answers to why radicals are created. Poverty is a known answer, but it is mainly a misconception. Most extremists were in fact likely to have had a secondary education, and received higher incomes. When it comes to religion; some individuals identify their religion being primarily superior over others. When a country has a higher percentage of followers to a certain religion, it leads to conflict with minority religions. It can result in persecution and discrimination in some …show more content…
Sacred text is often misquoted to fit anyone’s interpretation, and can result in more wars, further persecution and isolation. There can be more done for those who are at an economic disadvantage which can also lead to extremism. Unfortunately, extremism can be hard to counter, but with some intervention it can help improve communities and possibly save more lives but we have to start with preventing it from passing down generations with the youth.

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