A Mob's Always Made Up Of People

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Harper Lee in To Kill a Mockingbird said the profound statement, “A mob 's always made up of people, no matter what (Lee, 1960).” Harper Lee shows the power of a group of people. It is interesting to think that there would never be trends, mobs, or a government. If one person has an idea and others want to follow a group, a mob, a government, a belief, or a trend will be started. Every individual idea formed -benevolent or abominable- has started an entity whether it be a revolution, discrimination, Islamophobia, Anti-Catholicism, or a leadership based on misguided beliefs. Every action has meaning behind it and the leader of that feeling is the person-or people- who fostered that belief. In America, an idea of “Us vs Them” has become more prominent in the way people communicate. One of the major causes is the media. The mass media have created a divide between Muslims and non-Muslims in …show more content…
While one article shows the insensibility of targeting the Muslim community rather than the extremist the author talks about many Muslims not wanting to believe that the events actually happened like that of 9/11 or even that ISIS exists. On the non-Muslim side Jessica shows the need to isolate a group rather than many innocent people of a religion, while on the other hand, Hasan shows the need to accept reality on the Muslim part to rise up and not accept the feeling of helplessness. These articles show together that both “sides” of this argument have to give or take, since the problem isn’t a blame game, it is both ideas to work together to discern a medium. The articles show that Muslims and Non-Muslims need to put aside their differences as to tear down the barrier

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