Radical Islamist Extremist

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October 2014 was one of the most violent months in my memory. Filling the headlines were a beheading which was broadcast online, a shooting at Canada’s Parliament, a murder/suicide at a high school, and multiple other violent attacks on law enforcement officers, and citizens. Up to and including September 11, 2001, the first assumption when similar events unfurled was that some psychotic person, working alone, would be found responsible for the mayhem. Not this month. The phrase Radical Islamist Extremist (or a politically correct version of the same characterization) was on everyone lips, and these extremists were suspected widely to be at blame for each act of violence.

Today many in public life are willing to lump all Muslims together,
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They all were messengers of Allah to convey the message to believe in Him, the Almighty, and to do good within the earth, etc.

What is the Muslim view of the Bible?

What we call the Bible today, is not mentioned in the Quran, although the Quran does contain the words of Jesus, David, and Moses, in addition to Muhammad. The scriptures sent by Allah before the Quran were the words of Allah. We believe that due to evil in the world, the scriptures had been altered, which is why Allah sent the final messenger, and the Holy Quran to revise everything that was sent before. Anything written before the Quran has been altered by man.

When speaking with your dad, I am always impressed with how many similarities there are between our faiths. Muslims have a sacred book, the Koran, (Quran) just like Mormons, who have additional scripture, The Book of Mormon. How did the Koran come into being?

There are a lot of similarities between the three religions, because we believe that the basis/foundations have been laid by
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What is the Muslim view of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

We as Muslims believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) did not die on the cross, Allah lifted him, and he will return on the Day of Judgment to fight the Dajjal (the false messiah).

On the topic of religion generally, Sana said: “Personally, I believe that religions are simple, the message is clear, guidance is there for anyone who wishes to follow, but we humans make it so complicated.”

From Sana’s answers to my questions, I can see that our faiths have as many similarities as differences. For example, we both believe the scriptures to be the word of God to the extent that they have not been altered by man. We believe that God has communicated with man through the prophets He sends from the time of Adam forward. We both believe that due to alterations made by man, a new prophet and new scripture were needed to restore truths that have been altered. Our view of the nature of God differs, but not more so than the LDS view of God differs from that of some other Christian denominations. Our view of the mission of Jesus Christ differs, but less so than the ways that the view of Jesus Christ in Jewish faith differs from

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