Sikh Religions

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Sikhism is a Religion of uniqueness. It has beliefs from two other religions; Hinduism and Islam(Borak 53). This religion is very scarce in the United States. However, the main area for Sikhs is in the Northwest India (Borak 53). Sikhs has a very rare formation. However, this religion is a mixture of two religions, known as Hinduism and Islam. Therefore, this joining together is known as syncretism (Hopfe188). The Hindus and Islam began to mix and some thoughts of joining the two together. Not everyone agreed so they decided to make a new religion with practices from both religions, while still keeping Hinduism and Islam separate religions (Borak 54). The originality helps make this religion special in its own unique way. They believe every human is of the same sex even though chastity is not allowed. Women are equal to all men. Sikhs do not believe in burning women, women wearing veils, or marriages to widows. However, all people are treated equally, regardless of birth or upbringing. Therefore, they try to give every person an equal chance to become great, because they realize that they are all faulted in one way or another. Sikhs believe in god, but they worship by Gurus (Richards 198). Guru means leaders (Hopfe 189). They also believe in Guru Granith Sahib and other writing …show more content…
The "Name" is very important and we both believe in friendship and sacrament, brotherhood of man who was rescued by grace, and fatherhood of god are also similar characteristics. However, another common belief is surrender to the will of God. Not only are there are some similar practices, there are also some differences. We believe Sunday is a Holy Day or Sabbath; however, everyday is equal. They do not have priests but they used to have Gurus. Hell is the same as birth and death, and heaven is your soul reaching for God. Only God's "chosen people" are ones aloud for salvation, but you can reach that by believing and trusting in

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