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  • Why The Union Won The Civil War?

    The Civil War The fight between the Confederate and the Union created a war that defines the United States as a union today. Many historians argue that President Abraham Lincoln was overstepping his boundaries by going against the third amendment by beginning a war between States. Contrary to their beliefs, the war between the Union and the Confederate needed to happen to keep the United States together. Although the Union won the war, the laws, punishments, economy affected the civilians, soldiers and even the free slaves in a negative way. To begin with, the North is justified in invading the South to protect the Union. Before the Civil War nullification was not an acceptable act. Although the Confederate States wanted to create a new country with their constitution, the other countries in the West would perceive the United States Union as weak, and unable to keep their citizens or government together. Although President Abraham Lincoln went against many of the legislative laws, it was important to maintain the union during his presidency. Even more, the Union cannot invade the South if the South was not legal nullified from the Union. Although the war cause…

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  • How Was The Union Victory In The Civil War Inevitable

    The statement “Union Victory In The Civil War Was Inevitable” is faulty because the North has more power, heavy-duty guns, and has a well-balanced leadership. The South had it better; they knew their surroundings, had a great leader and could have been two steps ahead if they thought logically. What that means is if the South just used their heads instead of jumping into battle the entire time, they could have thought their way out of this instead of losing to the Union. The Union saw this…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Civil Unions

    I went to a civil unions ceremony for a gay friend back in 2012 when civil unions were made legal. The State of Hawaii passed a bill 232 to “ recognize and establish the status of civil unions in Hawaii” (Hawaii Vital Records, 2011, para 1). They had wanted to be married, but laws in the United States and Hawaii didn’t allow that to happen. At the time, certain states allowed people to have civil unions, which were supposed to be equal in theory, but it wasn’t the same as traditional marriage. …

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  • Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

    sides must negotiate toward a common ground so each opposing viewpoint receives some respect. Nationwide legalization of civil unions for homosexuals should be enacted in all states because after so many years of living together, couples may gain the rights of each-others assets even under diverse arguments. First, is marrying someone of the same sex going against the Bible? An excellent, intriguing question many human beings argue bitterly about. Does the Bible legitimately state uniting with…

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  • Validity Of Marriage According To The Muhammadan Law

    Introduction: Marriage is legal union of two people, it is legally binding contract between two parties which legitimizes their relationship and their children together. Marriage is also known as Nikah. The civil contract of marriage is enforced by signing a legal instrument called the Nikahnama. According to the Muhammadan Law, marriage is considered a civil contract rather than a sacrament. Marriage defined: Marriage has been defined by various jurists and statutes, some of which are as…

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  • Same Sex Marriage In Canada

    Same-sex marriage (SSM) is the controversial issues in this modern world. The traditional belief of marriage has been the recognized as a social union between men and women. The union of marriage represents the function to the procreation of humankind, personal and social identity, sexual intercourse, and socialization. The article explains that how elite policy preferences, the general public, and the gay people themselves have actively involved with for and against in the legalization of SSM.…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Gay Adoption

    father, Gay couples should be allowed to adopt. Laws have been enforced to ban gay couples from legally adopting a child. Evidence from the article states “The Supreme Court's refusal to hear an appeal was a setback for the American Civil Liberties Union and gay rights group.” sated from Joan Biskupic, 2005. The court would just ignore liberals and the gay rights group for their reasoning's. Another evidence from the article states “The court's action taken as it rejected appeals in hundreds of…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Equal Law For Everyone

    against the traditional views and are unable to walk down the aisle hand and hand with their significant other. The topic at hand is still questioned on whether gay marriage, the matrimony between the same sex, should be legal. Gay marriage should be legalized based on the equalization of people, the acceptance of homosexual marriage in other countries and states, and because of out civil liberties of pursuit of happiness. We live in a world where we are perceived to be equal , but in reality…

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  • Summary Of Same Sex Marriage By John Corvino

    fallacious arguments. Next to that it seems that his empiricism is a close second to being his greatest strength. An example of this being his attention to detail with studies of children who exist in same-sex households. It is clear the facts more support his claims then on the reverse. Perhaps though what I respect the most with his argument was his method of unpacking the slippery slope fallacy or PIB argument. Masterfully he deconstructs the argument to show that there is not connecting…

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  • Gay Marriage

    The traditional view of marriage, the union of one man with one woman, has been prevalent since ancient times. However, over the past few decades, gay marriage has incited many United States citizens into debates over the legalization of same-sex marriage. Those in opposition to gay marriage believe that it should not become a constitutional right because it is condemned in the Bible, it has a negative effect on children, and it twists the meaning of what marriage was intended to be. Over the…

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