Why The Union Won The Civil War?

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The Civil War The fight between the Confederate and the Union created a war that defines the United States as a union today. Many historians argue that President Abraham Lincoln was overstepping his boundaries by going against the third amendment by beginning a war between States. Contrary to their beliefs, the war between the Union and the Confederate needed to happen to keep the United States together. Although the Union won the war, the laws, punishments, economy affected the civilians, soldiers and even the free slaves in a negative way. To begin with, the North is justified in invading the South to protect the Union. Before the Civil War nullification was not an acceptable act. Although the Confederate States wanted to create a new country with their constitution, the other countries in the West would perceive the United States Union as weak, and unable to keep their citizens or government together. Although President Abraham Lincoln went against many of the legislative laws, it was important to maintain the union during his presidency. Even more, the Union cannot invade the South if the South was not legal nullified from the Union. Although the war cause …show more content…
President Andrew Johnson decision to give the southerners back their politically position cause the newly freed slaves to stay in a different form of slavery. Other countries that freed slaves did not create laws to keep them in poverty. The Black Codes cause the blacks to have resentment for the whites for hundreds of years. Racism exists throughout the years because of the battle of having equal rights as the white citizens. Evenmore, the country could of elected new government officials to the South to keep the Confederate from having the same slave values. Also, building railroads in the South would have taken them out of economic struggle faster than it

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