Slavery Was The Underlying Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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Slavery was the underlying cause of the American Civil War. After the Republican and abolitionist Abraham Lincoln won the election in 1861, southern states became afraid of his political believes. His election caused major discussion in the southern states, that depended on slavery. States were preparing for secession because of the new president’s future actions. These states were very dependent on agriculture and abolishing slavery would certainly hurt them. Lincoln rejected their decision and then war was declared between The Union and the Confederacy. The Confederacy fought and died to keep slavery, however 4 years after the union became successful. Abraham Lincoln fought for the freedom and human rights of the blacks, while he also fought to keep the united states together as a union. This war did not only accomplish the abolishment of slavery, it accomplished union in the states, kept a strong country growing together
In the election of 1860 Abraham Lincoln ran for president and when on to become the first republican candidate to win an election. However, his election meant bad new for the southern states that were dependent on agriculture and used slavery for their advantage to obtain higher profits. According to the book America past and present, “By
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The civil war started in April 1861 when Southern states were trying to succeed from the nation following Abraham Lincoln election, and it ended in 1865 when the northerners (The Union) became victorious. However, the most important reason this war started is because Republican Abraham Lincoln won the election of 1860, and his beliefs about slavery were unlike from the southerners. His election brought so much controversy in the southern states that introduced the idea to go to a war in order to not be involved with his political ideas. However, after four years of war the country stay united, and the issue of slavery was

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