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  • Huntington Case Study

    Huntington is a quaint city in southwestern, West Virginia along the Ohio River. Although several community leaders and organizations have implement programs to improve the health of the community, there are still several public health concerns in our community. The purpose of this paper is to document a windshield view of the community’s population, the environment, and the health status of the city’s population. After completing the assessment of the community, I will discuss the city’s leading health issues, as well as complete a nursing diagnosis, based on the outcomes of this assessment. Description of the Community The city of Huntington sits at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains along the Ohio River in Cabell County,…

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  • The Importance Of My Education At Wesleyan

    I have fallen in love with West Virginia Wesleyan and Buckhannon West Virginia. There are multiple reasons why this has happened over the past year and some of the reasons are because of the small school size, how great the academics are, the amazing soccer program, and how Wesleyan suits my personal life, and personality, perfectly. I appreciate the small school, that Wesleyan is, because I am a person and not just another number in the school. The education at Wesleyan is more personalized to…

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  • The Buffalo Creek Disaster By Gerald M Stern

    burst leading to a 25 foot wave of water to sweep across West Virginia’s Buffalo creek hollow where 125 people died. In the disaster, more than 1000 people were injured while 4,000 were rendered homeless. The companied offered a small compensation to the family affected but some survivors were not pleased and they decided to sue the company. What followed was a battle suit that finally ended in favor of the victims. A young lawyer, Gerald M. Stern, led the law suit and won on behalf of the…

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  • Case Study Of 4-H Extension Agent

    provided STEM activities primarily at the local level, including integrated science in four days of Kanawha County WVUES 4-H Outdoor classroom, taught science at two day camps, taught STEM in schools and in afterschool programs, instructed adult leaders and 4-H staff in STEM curriculum and integrated science classes and state science experiment in two residential camps. I highlighted my learning as a teacher by instructing other extension educators at two state presentations on STEM education. …

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  • What Is The Causes Of The Civil War Essay

    created a war that defines the United States as a union today. Many historians argue that President Abraham Lincoln was overstepping his boundaries by going against the third amendment by beginning a war between States. Contrary to their beliefs, the war between the Union and the Confederate needed to happen to keep the United States together. Although the Union won the war, the laws, punishments, economy affected the civilians, soldiers and even the free slaves in a negative way. To begin…

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  • Sectionalism Essay

    The United States has always been a nation that has been segregated. The Nation was founded on segregation and has long remained a part of its history. Especially during the Antebellum Period, the United States were not as united as one would think. Sure, each of the states that existed in that period were united as one whole country. However, each state instead, based on its location, was more segregated than ever. The states became victims of sectionalism which was how the division…

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  • Applachia As A Subculture Essay

    profit to the companies that bought form him. These resources were then delivered outside the geographical region, for the enjoyment/betterment of people unrelated to Appalachia. In Storming Heaven, we see classic examples of the internal colonization of the region. The coal camps, the company store, the brutalization of the workers, all are aptly described within the book. Rondal Lloyd describes a conversation between he and C.J. Marcum: “‘They ain’t never going to let you out of debt’ he…

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  • The Strategy Of Slavery In The Civil War 1815-1860

    Journey: A History of the United State, P270). They are all the changes in slavery that caused Civil war finally. According to American journal, during 17 and 18 centuries, tobacco production absorbed more than 40 percent of the slave laborers in the U.S. (Goldfield, P280). The three major Southern exports (tobacco, Sea Island cotton, rice) had reduced in the world, so they experienced big challenge at that time. Meanwhile, English textiles industry demanded more cotton to satisfy their large…

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  • Pancakes Speech

    the United States, for there he was a great leader of all of the people in that time era. Furthermore, I want to show Abraham this type of food because I like to eat pancakes during the morning wherever we go to eat, so showing this type of food to him will show him of what he is missing part of his breakfast. Maybe he has had pancakes already. I doubt that he ever tries them because pancakes weren’t ever invented during his time. Therefore, I would like to meet Abraham Lincoln in a dinner…

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  • The American State In Henry Clay's American Union

    System, the southern states were to serve as subsides for the internal improvements in the urban areas in the northern states. Without the South, Lincoln only had the Border States, and the New England states left. The Border States were “shaky” in whose side they were going to be on, especially lukewarm, Maryland because of its diverse population. When Lincoln called for arms after the attack on Fort Sumter, Maryland revealed its conflicted soul. It had both Northern and Southern…

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