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  • Clara Barton Essay

    Clara Barton was a woman of incredible stamina and valor to whom America as a whole owes much. Her efforts in the Civil War are well remembered and well documented. Her bravery in helping wounded soldiers on the battlefield set her apart from other women of her time, initiating her social work for years to come. The skills she learned as a child she used for the good of humanity. The far reaching influence of Clara Barton’s tireless work helped to drastically improve the healthcare of the United States, and expand medical horizons. Clara experienced a special childhood. She was very sheltered by her family and with that came immense shyness that she would later have to overcome. Her older brothers and sisters each took special interest in…

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  • What Is Clara Barton's Role In The Civil War

    Women had a very big role in the Civil War. Nurses paved the way for nurses in the future, while saving lives. Women were not only nurses, but in the civil war, they were so much more. Clara Barton was a woman who worked as a Clerk in the U.S. Patent Office in Washington D.C. She later paved the way for women and nurses in the future. She briefly made the same amount of money as a man did. They pay did not last long. After she was a clerk, she got recruited to be a nurse in the Civil War. She…

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  • Clara Barton Character Traits

    that have created a great image for the nursing profession. Clara Barton was one of those many nurses that made a significant impact on the world; and is still making a difference to this day. Clara Barton’s bravery and success to save people has shaped the view on how a person can care and provide for a stranger in need. Title and Responsibilities Clara Barton has received many titles throughout her career. During the wartimes she was known to be the “angel of the battlefield” (Clara…

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  • American Red Cross Mobile Hospital Analysis

    very fortunate that Italy decided to join the Allies. Things are going alright where I am. The Red Cross recently issued uniforms for us, which consist of a dark blue skirt, cape (lined with red and the insignia on the left side), long coat, and felt hat along with caps and brassards. We were required to furnish our own shoes, gloves, aprons, raincoats, etcetera. The mobile hospital is made up of large Bessonneau tents and equipped to care for three hundred patients. The professional nurses…

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  • Women's Roles During The American Civil War

    Today, people all around notably remember women during the Civil War as nurses. The most renowned nurse at the time was Clara Barton, who later was the founder of the American Red Cross. Ironically, the Northern and Southern unions surgeons demoralized the female nurses to work in official military hospitals. Schultz noted “Throughout the nineteenth century, women were excluded from medical networks on the basis of biological determinism that cast them as unfit to endure the intellectual and…

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  • Women In The Civil War Essay

    duty to fight on the battlefield. Other women enjoyed being damsels in distress, agreeing that only a man could serve his country in war. Women nurses during the Civil War were often shamed for trying to work as what was known as “only a man’s job”. The men working on the battlefields would tell the women to go home and do what they are really meant to do. Luckily today, it is not seen the same way, as there are as much as, maybe even more women nurses than there are men nurses. The Civil war…

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  • Clara Barton And American Red Cross

    The Life of Clara Barton The organization of American Red Cross has changed lives of those who are in need, by providing emergency assistance throughout the United States and worldwide. Clara Barton has found the organization during her journey in Europe, and she acknowledges the work done by the International Red Cross. Throughout the history, she is one of the many influential people who are recognize for their work in improving health care quality. The work done by her has left a legacy, and…

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  • History: The Founding Of The American Red Cross

    Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood. More than 38,000 blood donations are needed everyday. The American Red Cross has been around since 1881 when Clara Barton founded it. Clara began to bring supplies to the battle field to help the soldiers. She saw there was a need to help soldiers, and since then the Red Cross has been helping people everyday. The founding of the American Red Cross has helped by helping with blood supply, disasters, and our country with health and safety.…

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  • Clara Barton's Contribution To The World

    Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born December 25, 1821, in Massachusetts, to Captain Stephen and Sarah Barton. Her father was a prosperous businessman and community leader who served in the Indian wars and used to amuse Clara with war stories. Clara was mainly educated at home by her older sibling, she was the youngest of five children, and she was very shy. When Clara was 11 years old, her brother got injured and required medical attention at home, so Clara nursed him for 2 years, and that is how…

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  • Clara Barton's Analysis

    such as the American Civil War and the Spanish-American War. These women made a small, individual impact, despite the expectations of their gender, but their names are not commonly known today. Fame certainly wasn’t their intention, but it can be a somewhat superficial measurement of their success. Clara Barton is a very different story, because while she believed that a woman is capable of the same things that a man is, she believed that a woman’s accomplishments should be her own. Barton…

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