Compare And Contrast Hinduism And Life After Death

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Hinduism and Catholicism couldn’t be more different however when it comes to the belief in life after death many similarities occur. In both religions the concept of life after death is based on a higher being or God in which they aim on returning to.
(e.g. Brahman for Hindus and God for Catholics.)
When Hindus die they believe in the concept of samsara meaning death and rebirth. They live their next life through karma. Catholics believe when they die they will go to purgatory unless they are in a perfect state of grace in which they would go to heaven and gain eternal life. Salvation is also a similarity between the two religions, as they believe their souls go through life finding truth and the perfect state of grace
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A Hindu temple is said to be the house of God, which can also be compared to a church being the house of God in the catholic religion.


Salvation in the Catholic Church means the saving of the soul from sin. This term is also called redemption. It is through the belief in redemption in which Catholics gained an understanding in how Jesus suffered and died on the cross to save us all from sin. Through this belief the terms and belief in heaven, hell and purgatory were developed. The catholic belief regarding life after death is once you die your soul is separated from your body and goes to one of three places, heaven, hell and purgatory. If your body and soul were in a state of grace you would be sent to heaven. However if your soul needs cleansing you would be sent to purgatory. Hell is where those who reject God will end up. In order to become apart of Gods kingdom and become a catholic you must first be baptized which indicates you will be united with God as you have freely chosen to love him. In order to become apart of Gods Kingdom we must not have sinned again him, our neighbor or ourselves. With reference to the Vatican archives
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One of these contrasts is to do with the belief that Christians have and how they believe God created to world out of nothing. Hindus don’t believe that God created the world out of nothing but would have used some form of material or substance.

In the religion of Hinduism their goal is to break the cycle of death and rebirth but in Catholicism the goal is to obey his commandments and also forming a relationship with Jesus. Another main goal is to spread to gospel throughout the world.

A major contrast between the two religions is to do with the prophets. A prophet is someone who is an inspired teacher or someone who has been spoken to by God. In the Catholic Church they believe in Prophets but in the Hindu religion there is no such thing as prophets.

In Hinduism they strongly believe that all roads they take will lead them to salvation. However in Catholicism they strongly believe that answers to all problems are in the bible. Another contrast between the two religions is that while Hindus believe in multiple God Christians only believe in one. A contrast to with the history of the religions is that the beginning of Hinduism cannot be traced but the beginning of Christianity can be traced to approximately two thousand years.

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