Hinduism, Native American Religion And The Other Religions

As different religions throughout diverse cultures and various countries were explored, the majority if not all shared a common way of experiencing the divine. Religions are formed through sensual engagement or stimulation to the five senses and is evident throughout every religious group whether primitive or “modern”. The ability to see, feel, touch, taste, and smell allows for the participant to feel something whether it be stimulation to just one sense or a combination of senses. These experiences help cultivate the belief of a religion by providing something that although may be intangible the partaker can experience in the form of a vision, dream, or even feeling the presence of something supernatural. There is evidence of this in Christianity, Hinduism, Native American religion and the other religions. As was discussed in class humans are embodied beings and we perceive the world through bodily senses. Examples of such events would be the Passover in Jewish culture experiencing the sense of taste. In Hindu culture listening to the Veda is a religious experience capable of invoking stimulation. In Christianity when attending mass and the saints are all there a feeling of seeing and being seen by a deity may be felt. A religion prevalent throughout the world is Christianity and there are various instances throughout history where sensual engagement was a dominant feature in the development of the religion. A way in which a follower of the religion may sense a feeling

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