Making Democracy Work

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  • Content Validation: Three Types Of Measurement Validation?

    (74) Putnam constructs a summary Index of Institutional performance that “displays the full list of indicators and shows how each is correlated with this summary index.” He defends this choice by saying that “combining these diverse indicators into a single index reduces the idiosyncratic impact of any single measure… our composite measure is both comprehensive and internally consistent.” (74) With that being said, there is a validity issue with the indicators in Making Democracy Work. Validity means that the measurement is indeed capturing what the concept is intended to make, and a perfect matching between attribute and indicators. However, validity issue is when the underlying attribute is one notion, the indicator is touching something else, and such a discrepancy can be witnessed for the Policy Implementation category because it is the central government, not the regional governments, that designed and funded the policies. Having neither funded or created these policies, the regional governments only relation to the these polices is just its implementation. Suffice to say, the indicators for Policy Implementation is touching on something else, instead of the underlying…

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  • Walden Two Analysis

    is based on the desirability of the work. If work is really unpleasant, one can earn their 4 labor credits in less time than someone who works at a really pleasant occupation. People also choose their own work, so if lots of people want a particular types of job, it has a lower labor credit value.Walden Two has a dairy and farms and is able to take advantage of crops that outside farmers might be unable to harvest because of its surplus of available labor. Everyone in Walden Two has plenty of…

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  • Liberal Democracy: The Preservation Of Popular Sovereignty

    As quoted by Avram Naom Chomsky who is described as the father of modern linguistics and a major figure in analytic philosophy, stated that” The very design of neoliberal principles is a direct attack on democracy”. (Liberal Democracy Quotes, 2015) This essay outlines how the principles, institutions and mechanisms of liberal democracy safeguards popular sovereignty. In order to uphold the preservation of popular sovereignty there are certain principles, institutions and mechanisms of liberal…

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  • What Has Created American Democracy

    American democracy is rooted on the rights of people because that is what a democracy is, giving people rights and letting them have a say by allowing them to vote. America has become more of a democracy than it ever was because it has given people more rights and freedoms than before. It has allowed way more people to vote and it has created more civil rights for the people so that America can be the most diverse, accepting, and democratic it can be. The Enlightenment started the basis of…

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  • Democracy In Somalia

    Somalia has gone through a lot of hardship, and struggle in order to thrive. Many years of hard work lead to “prosperity and freedom” in Somalia. Somaliland has three regions called “British Somaliland Protectorate(today’s Somaliland), Italian Somaliland(rest of Somalia), and French Somaliland(now Djibouti)” (Kaplan, 2008). Northwestern district of Somalia acquired its independence in 1991. The political development in Somali has gradually enhanced or improved towards democracy, which is…

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  • The Three Forms Of Government In Ancient Greece

    is because Ancient Greece was not just one country. Greece has city-states which are big cities that act as a country with their own political system. This is why even though greece was a country on its own the cities had individual ways of government. Three of the ways of government are Oligarchy, Tyranny, and Democracy. Oligarchy is defined as “a small group of people having control of a country, organization, or institution,” In ancient greece those in control were always chosen by being the…

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  • Comparing Chomsky And Plato's Allegory Of The Cave

    societal interests, and the philosophers/critics. While both philosophers see the public being manipulated, they disagree on how to fix this problem and who should be in control of the government. Herman and Chomsky suggest that democracy is the best way to rule for a government. On the contrary, Plato believes that the public is the problem and that democracy should be avoided as a way to rule a government and that a small group…

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  • Cosmopolitanism In Australia Research Paper

    election and vote system welcome various opinions and most Australian people are allowed to access to Australian politics by voting. In different level, Australian people are also allowed to express freely that right is called as freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Another Western idea, cosmopolitanism, also exist in Australian politics, because Australia offers aid to poorer countries beyond borders. Within Australian society, population, food, and environment have some effects of…

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  • Aristocratic Democracy Analysis

    A critique of Aristocratic Democracy Introduction: The widely promulgated, promoted and accepted types of government nowadays is democracy, and that of yesteryears is aristocracy. Aristocratic nations have risen and fallen and this rubble gave rise to democracy - for the people, of the people and by the people. Democracy, however, is not adequate enough to tackle both political and economic problems, much like its counterpart communism - which is by and large more economic than political, but…

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  • Democracy In Athenian, Sparta, And The Roman Republic

    Throughout history there has been many cultures with different ideas on how to organize their people. The Athenians, Sparta, and later the Roman Republic are examples of early forms of democracy. There where many systems of government in history some being oligarchy, monarchy aristocracy, and many others with slight variations. Why and how did democracy grow to such popularity, and how has democracy changed since its creation. The exact date of when democracy was first used in society is…

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