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  • Punishments And Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    20th centuries, there were a few jurisdictions that experimented laws under which the family of such a person could have him legally declared a “spendthrift” by court of law. For blasphemy, anti-blasphemy laws existed in 32 countries and are common in Muslim-majority nations, such as those in the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, it is immoral to do violent acts against God as it ruins one’s reputation and sets a bad example for other people. For those that are violent against nature are fined, arrested, or executed depending how heinous the crime against nature is. The Eighth Circle of Hell punish those that are involved in conscious fraud. The fraudulent, those guilty of deliberate, knowing evil, are located in a circle named Malebolge (“Evil Pockets”) (Canto XVII). Today, there are 13.1 million victims of identity fraud, which is a 500,000 from previous years. That is 1 every 2 seconds, an American becomes a victim of identity fraud. Fortunately, those that are responsible for fraud, it’s a felony crime and are punishable by jail, fines, probation, or all of the above. The Ninth Circle house the major characters that are responsible for their treachery against their own. The traitors are distinguished on how severe their treachery was and are classified by four rounds of traitors. They correspond in order of seriousness, to betrayal of family ties, betrayal for community ries, and betrayal of guests. The 1st round is named Caina, after Cain killed his own…

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  • Plot Summary Of Dante's Inferno

    of the Seventh Circle of Hell. This is where they see those who were violent toward themselves or in other words the Suicides. These souls have to spend eternity in tree form. Dante talks to Pier della Vigna. As they go deeper into the Seventh Circle of Hell, the “tourists,” find the ones who were violent against God or in other words the Blasphemers. Dante encounters his old “boss,” Brunetto Latini, wandering with the souls of the ones who were violent against nature or in other words the…

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  • Dante's Inferno Research Paper

    Threatening Propaedeutic For Moral Behavior Is hell a good propaedeutic for good behavior as instructed by Dante. Propaedeutics are used in many cases to discourage people from bad behavior. The most common being Santa Clause. Parents threaten children that Santa Clause will not come, unless they behave well. Other examples include, reward systems, activity times, and punishments. The most consequential propaedeutic know was introduced by Dante in his Inferno. “Both damnation and blessedness,…

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  • The Importance Of Damnation In Dante's Inferno

    Hell, like love or other great intangibles, is a thing that cannot be fully grasped by mortal beings. It is a place that no one has ever experienced, so therefore, it is not possible to fully understand. However, Dante, through his epic poem Inferno, tries to comprise an in-depth experience of what Hell very well may be. This poem has likely been the most tangible understanding of the place as we can conclude thus far. The issue of whether the punishment of eternal damnation in Hell is just or…

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  • Theme Of Justice In Dante's Inferno

    Dante creates a certain type of connection between a soul’s sin on Earth and, the punishment he or she shall receive in Hell. This idea provides many of Inferno’s moments of the imagery between good and evil, the symbolic power of each circle and what it represents, not only to Dante but the reader; as well as shedding a light on one of Dante’s major themes expressed throughout the book: the perfection of God’s justice. “The inscription over the gates of Hell in Canto III explicitly states that…

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  • Irony In Dante's Inferno

    who attempted to escape with their bolts. In the second ring they found a dark woodland loaded with curved trees. These were suicides: Dante addressed one subsequent to seeing a broken twig drain. The suicide was Pier della Vigna, who had conferred suicide while wrongfully detained by his benefactor. They were hindered by two souls dashing through the woodland, pursued by dark dogs. These were the individuals who had been vicious to their own belonging: the individuals who had wasted their…

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  • Canto 18 Dante's Inferno

    Canto 18 Dante and Virgil are outside the eighth Circle of Hell, known as Malebolge. The circle has a wall along the outside, and has a circular pit in the center. The ridges create ten separate pits. This is where the people receive their punishment for fraud. This is where Virgil and Dante see souls from one side to another. The demons with great whips cause pain to the souls when they come to the demon’s reach, which then force the souls to the other ridge. There is an Italian that Dante…

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