Plot Summary Of Dante's Inferno

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Plot summary During Dante’s midlife crisis, he ponders on how he lost his way. He is at point in his life where he wants to fix himself and go back to his “true path.” He then finds himself in a dark place and lost. After the sin radiates the mountain above him with light, he tries to climb the mountain only to see it is clocked by a leopard, a lion, and a she-wolf. Vulnerable as he is, he decided to go back into the dark. He then sees a specter, Virgil, who was a Roman poet. Virgil says that he will guide Dante in a journey through hell. Virgil also mentions that his lover, Beatrice, is one of the three women that saw Dante lost. Virgil guides Dante into the gates of Hell. They start in the outskirts of the realm of Hell, the place before Inferno, this is where the souls that could not decide good or evil are punished by running in a never ending chase after a blank banner, day after day. Hornets also sting them and …show more content…
It is like his way of becoming a better person by seeing the consequences of doing wrong. Dante also seems to be having a lot of hatred toward his enemies. He may feel like he will never be satisfied without knowing what became of his enemies. Dante created his own personal hell. He made a story to achieve his own enlightenment. He decided where people should go and what crimes he thinks are worse than others. At some points in the story he even goes as far as to justify or pity some of the sinner even after he knew their crimes. He could have also written it to entertain. After all it is called The Divine Comedy. This book could bring an attraction from the audience from saying “Hey, if I do this, I will end up here.” It brings this relief to people also by people imagining that bad people where bad people will end up. Old AP questions Possible themes / Topics of

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