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  • Malware: The Computer Virus

    Over the years, the term Malware has taken on different names and meanings. Before Malware became the definitive term, it was known as the computer virus. The term Malware was coined in 1990 by scientist Yisrael Radi. Although Malware was known as a different name before 1990, the purpose of Malware is still the same. Malware is defined as malicious software that is installed and designed with the purpose of infecting the user’s computer system. Malware can either affect the user individually or it can effect and damage the entire organization. The victim circumstances depend on the hacker’s intent. Although Malware is designed for malicious intent, the system itself is only the broader term. Malware is the overall software that is designed, but there are variants of Malware that are more specific and have different intents when it comes to the victim. Among those variants include Trojan Horses, Worms, Rootkits, Spyware and Phishing. The terms are different and each form of Malware are known for their own purposes. As a collective unit, their purpose is universally the same, which is to inflict as much damage on the user or users as much as…

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  • Detection Malware

    Malicious software or malware occurs not because of technology failure but because of the human element, people can be easily manipulated through social engineering (Muscanell, Guagagno, & Murphy, 2014). Social engineering is the use psychological tactics to influence individuals to assist their own victimization. The world of mobile devices keeps growing exponentially. Mobile devices, especially smartphones are easily accessible and with internet service they have become essential to people.…

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  • Malware: What Is The Meaning Of Malware?

    What is the meaning of hackers What is the Malware ? And how many type of it ?. At time time , Malware become more dangerous than before. Even though IT security companies could not figure out how to be warned and discover it after spreading in network. Malware has become a serious issues , as we know the world now depending for technology to communicate , shopping , and educations. So I will explain what type of of malware and how to prevent from it. Malware is a serious problem and customer…

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  • Vulnerabilities In Computer Security

    Most, if not all, computers can be inflicted by Malicious software (Malware) are hard to fix an infection found in the system. It can lead to hacking, leaking of valuable information and a vulnerable threat to security. It requires no intervention to propagate across computer networks like the flu shot. Moreover, there are many types of malware like Trojan horses, viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware which penetrates specific application to deteriorate the system thus stealing confidential data…

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  • Mobile Security Essay

    determining the proper security measure to insure in a company can only be beneficial when protecting the company before damage is done. As businesses incorporate a BYOD strategic plan, mobile security becomes even more important. With the power and technological advances of tablets and phones more companies are recognizing their potential to provide a better, faster, and easier work environment. However, as the popularity grows with these devices so does the attempts to hack them. Mobile…

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  • What Is Ransomware: Threats To Business Organization?

    It attacks the victim through a malicious Android app called Porn Droid that locked the user's phone and changed its access PIN number.The cybercriminals demanding for about $500 for the payment. There is also Ransomware called Internet of Things Ransomware. Andrew Tierney and Ken Munro, demonstrated this malware attacked, locked and demanded a one-bitcoin ransom on a generally available smart thermostat at one event which is 2016 Def Con conference. Asian Country also threatened by Ransomware…

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  • Case Study: Signed Applets

    3.2.3 Case Study: Signed Applets 1) What prompts normal people to take this action and exposing themselves to the malware risk? Many times people cannot pass up the opportunity to obtain something free on the internet. In addition to that, if it’s free or looks interesting (for example the case study stated that the “Big Ad” was constructed to appear, “very big, looked very expensive and impressive.”) people will share the information. 2) What current websites have clones (name both)? You…

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  • Scams And Fraud Policy Analysis

    As a means of establishing company-wide standards for scams and fraudulent activity, Edu Corp’s Scams and Fraud Policy serves to inform employees about the potential security impacts of scams and fraud, while protect the privacy and safety of all employees and customers, including all digital assets and intelligence of the company. Edu Corp’s Scams and Fraud Policy outlines the regulations for social engineering recognition, fraudulent recognition, phishing detection, false antivirus detection,…

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  • Cyber Warfare Research Paper

    Tikk-Ringas, 2013) Shamoon was the first publicly known attack whose sole purpose was destruction as well as being one of the first computer viruses destructive enough to make a computer unfixable. This opened the gateway for viruses who sole purpose is the destruction of property. Shamoon was also Iran’s debut as a cyber-power. (Dunn, 2015) Shamoon also showed the weakness of security measures at the time and in the case of Saudi Aramco also their physical security considering the virus had to…

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  • Computer Viruses Research

    According to website cloud tweaks, about $4.55 Billion U.S. dollars are spend in a U.S. house-holds per year from viruses, spyware and other malware ("Cloud Infographic”, 2014). All of money is wasted due to the lack of security. When thinking about security, the first thing that comes to mind is passwords. Many things today are password protected in order to keep protection for personal belongings. This can range from protecting Facebook conversation chats to protecting online bank account…

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