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  • Life Of Pi And Culture Analysis

    interesting case study of how the symbolic capital of literature can flow between different mediums, specifically the publishing, prize-giving, and film industries, as well as the public domain. Doing so, I will firstly examine Life of Pi as a novel that fits into the category of ‘lit-lit’, a genre of popular fiction Collins proposes in an attempt to define the new ‘literary’ novel. Secondly, I will propose that the Booker prize works, as an institution, to popularise literature by stimulating exchanges of cultural and economic capital, and that the discourse of the 2002 Man Booker prize identified Life of Pi as a popular literary novel. Finally, I will look at how this narrative of (popular) literary excellence has translated to the film adaptation, focusing on how Life of Pi is conceived as both a movie blockbuster and a highly literary (i.e. quality) film. Collins proposes the term ‘Lit-lit’ to describe “these self-consciously literary novels” that have become “a kind of category fiction” (225). The historical period Collins identifies with the rise of ‘Lit-lit’ is interesting in light of my focus on Life of Pi: a phenomenon of the twenty-first century, Collins states authors and publishers “began, between 2002 and 2006, to identify an intended audience as a specific type of reading community” (256). Published initially in 2001 and winning the Man Booker Prize in 2002, the recognition Life of Pi garnered potentially represents an awareness of the public desire for…

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  • Man Vs Nature In Life Of Pi

    One obvious one is Man vs. Nature. Pi fights to stay alive while in the middle of the ocean on a lifeboat for seven months with a tiger. He has to learn to deal with all the dangers of nature and of the tiger as well and must assert his dominance over the animal. Another conflict is Man vs. Self. Pi knows he has to overcome not only the outside dangers, but the dangers of his mind as well. The minute he begins to give up on life really is when he will die. He almost has to mind over matter the…

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  • Runner Ups: An Analysis Of John Newbery's Short Stories

    interesting plot (Source 6). Their is no limitation for characters in the book, but it has to be original work (source 4). The book award will be announced in January on the ALA midwinter meeting (source 5). C. There are many other awards given to literature, like the Hugo award. it is for the best science fiction or fantasy book ( source 7). It has been given out since 1953 (source 7). The categories include Novel, Novella, Short story and many more (source 7). The book has to be…

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  • Ordinary Grace: A Brief Summary

    Thoughtfully selected books make wonderful gifts that can be enjoyed time after time and shared with family and friends. Contenders for 2015 book awards are ideal choices. This year’s winners and finalists include excellent selections for the fiction lover. Among them is the recipient of the Man Booker Prize, A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James. Inspired by the 1976 invasion of the home of singer Bob Marley, James creates multiple voices to give life to a forceful novel that…

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  • Comparing Pi And Yann Martel's The Life Of Pi

    Throughout Ang Lee’s writing life, Lee achieved the best Man Booker Prize by publishing The Life of Pi, a number one international bestseller. Ang Lee, on the other hand, achieved the Academy Award for Best Director. In the year of 2012, Ang Lee released the The Life of Pi. Both men strived to produce a story that grasped the audience’s attention. Ang Lee’s and Yann Martel’s version of The Life of Pi captives the reader’s or viewer’s mind by introducing a young man who admires religion, survives…

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  • J. M. Coetzee's Disgrace

    Booker Prize winner and J.M. Coetzee masterpiece, Disgrace, published in 1999 “seems to be a book about endings: the end of rape, the end of morality, and the end of humanity meaning" (Bandici). The novel takes place in the post-apartheid South Africa, where the internal pressures, the anger, the inequalities and the discrimination still haunt the country as the legacy of the previous political system. The controversy behind this novel and how it shows the complex transformation suffered by a…

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  • Lifeboat In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

    Yann Matel, a Trent University graduate and Man Booker Prize winner, wrote Life of Pi, his most famous book, in 2001. Martel’s trip to India and his deep need for a story to become a successful author developed the amazing and intriguing story of Pi Patel. Setting the story in the in the Pacific Ocean in the 1970’s, Martel wrote about a young boy struggling to survive after his transportation to Canada sinks, leaving him stranded on a lifeboat with dangerous animals. Surviving on a lifeboat…

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  • The Pursuit Of Hope In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

    the pacific ocean with nothing but his wits, his will, and a four hundred and fifty pound bengal tiger. This novel regards more than just the tribulations of survival. It is one that explores identity, religion and the priority of hope. The novel’s preface utilises a clever fusion of truth and spectacle. Martel speaks to the reader about the conception of the story. He speaks of the harsh reality that he faced when writing the book; he had not made his mark on the world of literature. He had…

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  • Survival And Survival In Yann Martel's Life Of Pi

    Yann Martel’s book, Life of Pi, whether the story is mostly fact or mostly fiction, presents us with a very large fact of life. It is found within two recurring motifs that are very important: adaptation and survival. Martel gives plenty of examples for both motifs using humans and animals. The lesson he is trying to teach with these two motifs is that adaptation is necessary for survival. Already in the first half of the book it is clear to the readers that Pi is a very open minded…

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  • Narrative In Wildlife Program: The Crocodile Hunter

    Narrative in wildlife program - The Crocodile Hunter “I reckon that’s a big one.” I whispered with glee while skipping on a treacherous trail I created with sofa pillows, staring intently at an imaginary crocodile. “Crikey!” I shouted as the imaginary crocodile leapt at me with wide-open jaws. Without any hesitation, I jumped on it and wrestled it as though my life depended on it. After minutes of wild trashing, I emerged victorious, subduing the ferocious crocodile with my bare hands. “That…

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