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  • Seabiscuit Film Analysis Essay

    They portray his racing career incorrectly, as successful at first, then only with Seabiscuit. They do this for another aspect of being an underdog. Though they commonly avoid his injuries that occur other than his blindness and his broken leg before the War Admiral race. Red Pollard had many other injuries including a broken hip, femur, and collarbone. These other injuries detracted from the story; it would have detracted away from the theme of the piece and made it more about how much Pollard went through in his life. Those were not the only injuries that he had; many were never reported, which led to a serious injury later on in life. For example, in the movie Pollard lost the vision in his right eye after a prize fighting match in his younger years, but in real life, Pollard got kicked in the head by a horse, this is the real reason that he went blind and lost the Santa Anita Handicap (Hillenbrand). This would be important in real life and the movie, they blamed his poor vision on multiple…

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  • Gender Roles In Aristophanes Lysistrata

    L ysistrata, a tale of war, a sex strike, and the comedy that rises out of male and female conflict was first performed on the Greek stage. While Aristophanes’ work L ysistrata is indeed comedic, it echoes a valid sentiment of consideration: the submission women faced and the gender roles society socialized them to play Socially­defined norms of gender create a direct reflection on the way each individual views themselves, others in their gender, and their opposite counterparts in the attempt to…

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  • Curt Lemon Character Analysis

    Societyś message that men are tough pressures the characters in the things they carried to hide their actual feelings. Curt Lemon is one of the men stationed in Vietnam and one day the military sends a dentist to do quick repairs and all of the men are fine with it besides Curt. He is the type of person that hated the dentist and didn't want to get any work done. But when his name is called he goes into the tent and he sits on the desk and then he faints.. This then caused him to wake up the…

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  • Cowardice, And Masculinity In The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

    Courage, Cowardice, and Masculinity at War Usually when people associate war to cowardness, courage, or masculinity, they think that going to war is courageous and manly and not going to war is being a coward. Tim O’Brien explains his own thoughts on this in his collection of short stories, The Things They Carried. His thoughts on what is cowardly and what is courageous are new and worth looking into. He proposes that someone could be both courageous and cowardly depending on how you think of…

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  • Matriarchy Short Story

    us a choice: agree to get shots that will block our change into men so we can sooner or later become girls, and then continue going to school, or we can refuse the Change, and get two choices of who we wanna be: breeder or father. Breeders’ jobs are to sell their sperm to women who want babies—girls with wives, girls whose husbands can’t get them pregnant, that sorta thing. Most of the time, gay guys or guys who don’t wanna be married become breeders, ‘cause it’s the only legal way they can…

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  • Essay On Challenger Shuttle

    Once she was up in the air she was going to teach classes from space to kids all over the world. The temperature outside on the day of the launch was thirty two degrees fahrenheit, which is the freezing point of water. This was the coldest launch yet, but they made the decision to launch anyways. The coldest launch before this was fifteen degrees fahrenheit warmer which is forty seven degrees fahrenheit. Icicles covered the launch pad and the rocket boosters. The O-rings that connect the rocket…

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  • Gender Roles In The Sun Also Rises By Hemingway

    The character of Lady Ashley presents herself as a ‘modern woman’ who takes on more masculine characteristics. Her promiscuity is certainly one of these traits. Throughout the novel she toils with four lovers, one of them including her fiance, Mike. This is not the only time she has known to get around, for lack of better terms. Whilst in conversation with Jake Barnes, Robert, makes a remark that he “ don’t believe she would marry anybody she didn’t love” (p. 46). Jake then follows, very plainly…

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  • D Eon Research Paper

    “be uneasy, my daughter; it is as natural to die as it is to live…” (Vizetelly: 10). His gender being the most significant aspect of his eccentric and volatile career, this mention by his father goes to the essence of D’Eon’s subsequent positions of political influence in France and why he was selected for the tasks that were necessary to be undertaken. After his father’s death as well as his uncle Andre’s death, it is possible that D’Eon was given his uncle’s previous position, and in that…

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  • Case Study: The Challenger Launch

    One can argue that whenever an astronaut goes into space, they are subject to the unknown risks that space holds; like the Challenger accident made evident, space flight is not a routine practice. That theory could not be comparable to an astronaut embarking into space with the full knowledge of a pre-existing and very real mechanical issue that could be potentially fatal to the entire crew. In the case of the Challenger launch, there has been overwhelming evidence that the crew of astronauts…

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  • O Pioneers By Willa Cather Analysis

    Willa Cather was a famous female writer in the early 1900’s. In 1913 she wrote O Pioneers! It was the first book of her Great Plains trilogy. O Pioneers! Tells the story of the Swedish Bergson family that lives in Hanover, Nebraska. Alexandra Bergson, the main character, inherits the family farmland when her father John Bergson passes away. Alexandra Bergson devotes her life to two things, making a good farmland and the success of Emil Bergson, her youngest brother. In this story Willa Cather…

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