Seabiscuit Film Analysis Essay

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Everyone has heard of the triple crown, it is one of the highest and most prestigious awards in horse racing, it was typically understood that the receiving horse was the best horse. Seabiscuit was the horse to change that belief. Many years after his victory over the Triple Crown recipient, the movie, Seabiscuit, was made to depict the life and racing career of a special horse. It also renders a surreal image of the team that raced along with the undersized contender. It is an inspirational film about the success of an underdog horse with an underdog team, is based on a true story of redemption and understanding. Although the film includes some elements of fiction, it is mostly accurate, particularly regarding character traits, racing statistics and portrayal of historical events.
Many of the inaccuracies surrounded the two main characters,
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They portray his racing career incorrectly, as successful at first, then only with Seabiscuit. They do this for another aspect of being an underdog. Though they commonly avoid his injuries that occur other than his blindness and his broken leg before the War Admiral race. Red Pollard had many other injuries including a broken hip, femur, and collarbone. These other injuries detracted from the story; it would have detracted away from the theme of the piece and made it more about how much Pollard went through in his life.
Those were not the only injuries that he had; many were never reported, which led to a serious injury later on in life. For example, in the movie Pollard lost the vision in his right eye after a prize fighting match in his younger years, but in real life, Pollard got kicked in the head by a horse, this is the real reason that he went blind and lost the Santa Anita Handicap (Hillenbrand). This would be important in real life and the movie, they blamed his poor vision on multiple losses they had, one at the 100 grander, the other at Santa

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