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  • The Importance Of A Horse

    Windridge Reflection Paper 1. Why is a horse therapeutic? During the eleven weeks at Windridge I have experienced the physical, emotional, psychological, and social aspect of why a horse can be therapeutic. While being on a horse you are working on to improve balance, coordination, circulation, respiration, proprioception, agility, self-confidence and mental relaxation. A horse can stimulate multiple senses that are beneficial for a rider, such as smell, auditory, and tactile. One huge plus for using horses for therapy, is that horses behave similarly like humans in the social and behavior aspect, which makes it easy for the riders to connect with the horse. I watched riders cope with feelings of sadness, anger, fear, and even joy and how…

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  • A Horse Essay

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course, from the introduction to the 1960s show Mr. Ed. Sounds pretty simple, as long as you know what a horse is. Now everyone typically knows what a horse looks like, but what truly makes a horse a horse? More specifically what makes something not a horse? First let 's answer the question what makes a horse a horse in scientific terms. “The horse family today is quite small, consisting only of seven living species, which include donkeys and zebras. The closest…

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  • Horses In Art

    Horses are an important animal that people have been familiar with throughout the years. Even today, horses are still participating in people’s daily life. Many years ago, horses were one of the first transportations before the first car came out; horses were also good comrades with warriors. Horses have a strong relationship with human life, and human life is an important theme in art. For this reason, artists love to use horses in artworks throughout history. Artists use horses as the subject…

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  • Importance Of A Horse

    Horses have influenced my life in ways that are immeasurable. Little things in everyday life have changed; I count strides between cracks on the sidewalk, feel the constant urge to sit up straight, and I’ve learned to be okay with spending $300 on two pairs of shoes every 6 weeks. Just not for me. Horses continue to influence my life in a more profound way, teaching me patience, humility, and that perfection is impossible so I should just enjoy the ride. Patience is crucial in the barn,…

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  • The Life Of A Horse

    to be feed and some needed to be worked. I grew up always being on the top of a horse. If there was time to rest it was done riding on a horse. It was quit when on the horses no noise except the wind rustling the grass on the mountain top. I was always told if I wanted it I had to work for it. When I was six years old my life became different. My father left to be in the Army and we had to sell all the animals. I had grown up with horse, so not having horse out my front door was a new…

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  • The Reflection Of Working With Horses

    or even greed - it’s something less obvious, but more dangerous, a transgression that is fatal to our spiritual growth: we have committed the act of self betrayal. We deny our inner truths, look outside ourselves for answers, we hide who we really are in order to fit in, and we fail to hold ourselves accountable to our own standards and commitments to ourselves. For some of us, it is an occasional slip that feels noticeably wrong; for others, it is a way of life so deeply-rooted that we hardly…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Horses

    slightly as I situated myself on Buttons my mare. The leather felt cool to the touch and the warm Colorado sun shone out of a clean slate of blue that brought out the comforting smell of horse and leather. I breathed in deeply and caught the piney scent of the sage brush which quickly turned to dust in my nose as the horses in the corral churned up the dry, dusty dirt of the mountains. I rode past the weathered wooden barn with the rows of stalls on either side. They all looked lonely without…

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  • The Rocking Horse Winner Analysis

    The story "The Rocking-Horse Winner" written by D. H. Lawrence tells of a young boy named Paul who tries to win his mother's affection by giving her that which she seems to want more than anything else, MONEY.…

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  • Rope Horse Pros And Cons

    slowly backs his horse into the metal box. Nerves are pulsing through his body. He looks to the left and sees the steer is ready and looks even farther to the left and makes eye contact with his partner. He gives the look and nods his head. After that, it’s all so fast the steer launches forward and his partner swings the rope, and it is thrown, he prays for the best. Lucky for him the rope lands around the horns and his partner dallys up and turns left. Now it’s all up to him and his horse,…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Trail Horses

    Looking for a new horse can be quite a challenge for some people. Whether they’re looking for a performance horse, a trail horse, a companion, or a lawn ordainment it all depends on many different attributes. In my life I have rode quite a variety of horses. I was first trained in English riding where I showed in local horse shows and 4-H. Soon after I was trained to jump small jumps. I then moved on to western riding where I continued to show along the way. Along with western riding I did my…

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