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  • Horses In The Awakening

    One of the more hidden motifs in the novella The Awakening by Kate Chopin is horses. Horses are specifically mentioned in only two chapters, but they are a part of one of the bigger themes. The Awakening is about Edna moving away from society and galloping in her own track. Being from Kentucky she knows the ups and downs of the races, her expertise is even more than some men. At the races she is brought to the same level as men, who have the freedom to do what they like without society guiding them. “There were possibly a few track men out there who knew the race horse as well as Edna but there certainly none who knew it better.” Edna is highly respected at the races, which isn’t something she normally gets from men she isn’t well acquainted…

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  • Horses In Art

    Horses are an important animal that people have been familiar with throughout the years. Even today, horses are still participating in people’s daily life. Many years ago, horses were one of the first transportations before the first car came out; horses were also good comrades with warriors. Horses have a strong relationship with human life, and human life is an important theme in art. For this reason, artists love to use horses in artworks throughout history. Artists use horses as the subject…

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  • The Horse Nation: Horses In Native American Culture

    Native peoples, the horse still is an essential part of daily life. For others, the horse will always remain an element of our identity and our history. The Horse Nation continues to inspire, and Native artists continue to celebrate the horse in our songs, our stories, and our works of art.” – Emil Her Many Horses Emil Her Many Horses is one of the many curators at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. More specifically, he is the curator in the Museum Scholarship at the National Museum…

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  • Horseracing Against Horse

    security of a safe life for these horses. A racehorse can have a highly successful, average, or short career. Depending on a horse's career, stamina, and bloodline they may be breed for a potentially successful filly or colt. The issue with a horse be used for breeding is that they are over bred and should not be producing foals for the remainder of their lives. When horse breeding becomes…

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  • Horse Family History

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course, from the introduction to the 1960s show Mr. Ed. Sounds pretty simple, as long as you know what a horse is. Now everyone typically knows what a horse looks like, but what truly makes a horse a horse? More specifically what makes something not a horse? First let 's answer the question what makes a horse a horse in scientific terms. “The horse family today is quite small, consisting only of seven living species, which include donkeys and zebras. The closest…

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  • Horse BCS Analysis

    Assessing the body condition score (BCS) of a horse is needed in order to evaluate the physical health of the horse. The ideal BCS of many horses is between a 5 and 6, while a thoroughbred in the racing industry has an ideal BCS of a 4. While the BCS of a horse is a good way to determine the overall body condition of a horse, it does not tell whether or not the horse is getting the required nutrients in the appropriate amounts. The required nutrients can be calculated into the horse’s diet based…

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  • Horses Persuasive Essay

    has one of the largest horse stables?Horses are very interesting animals and should be treated nicely because horses are very smart. Horses are like people they need food,water,and a home just like us. so you should always treat horses nicely. because not all of them have nice homes. Did you know The Clinton park stable holds 39 horse carriages and 78 horses? There are 68 horse carriages altogether in new York city. so the Clinton horse stable holds more than half of the horse carriages. The…

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  • Horse Observation Report

    I have worked at a scout camp for three summers, and every time I worked with the horses. Over those three summers, I have learned a lot about horses, their behaviors, and their reactions to various riders. To sum up what I have learned, when you show your horse that you care for it, they will pay you back several times over. My first excperience with this was late in my first summer. I was assigned a horse named Stumpy. Stumpy had been in an accident that left his tail short and seeded in…

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  • Passion About Horses

    I had have passion about horse since I was young. I have this passion from my uncle, he has a big stable to horse in his farm, and I was going to it a lot. I see the horses have something different from any animals in this world, they have a two different traits power and fulfill make him gorgeous and lovable to a lot of Arabic people. In the past, I only saw a white horse is high of beauty, but when saw this horse my mind has changed because the brown color makes him ineffable. Descriptions are…

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  • Horse Slaughter Issues

    Unwanted horses represent a subset of horses within the domestic equine population that are no longer needed, useful, or whose owners are no longer interested or capable of financially or physically caring for them (Messer et al, 2004). Most unwanted equines unable to be re-homed or sold will be sent to slaughter, euthanized, disposed of through rendering, or abandoned and left to die of natural causes (Messer et al, 2004). The global recession which commenced in 2008 has caused horses in many…

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