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  • Horse Show Narrative

    My First Horse Show!! I could not hold my excitement in much longer. I knew I could not just start jumping up and down, so I continued washing my horse with a huge smile on my face.I could not stop thinking about how much fun my first horse show was going to be. After my mom and I finished washing my horse we went and cleaned out the horse trailer. I never knew how much work this was going to be, but I enjoyed cleaning out the trailer because I felt like I was being helpful. My alarm clock startled me when it went off. It took me a second to figure out what going on that day, but as soon as i figured it out i was out of bed before you could have said good morning. I did not take me long to get dressed and and into the kitchen, which was…

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  • Horse Show Monologue

    I am going to be talking about the time that I saw someone I didn’t like being picked on. Once I was at a horse show with everyone I rode horses with. I liked most everyone and I assume the opposite was true as well. There was, however, one boy whom I didn’t get along with very well. We had fought the year before about this show and the drama got to him. I don’t like dealing with drama very much so I decided to separate myself from him without being mean or rude. At this horse show, there was a…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Horse Show

    The horse show We were in are gray Tahoe for 16 hours and me and my family had finally arrived in Florida.We were in Florida for a horse show I ran to are stable’s I was so excited I could just scream but I couldn't I would get in trouble by my parents.I felt someone touch me on the shoulder I turned around it was Michaela.She was my friend from florida I only get to see her during the horse shows. ‘Iza finally you got here I kept looking for you and I couldn't find you. Me and Michaela…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience With Horse

    memory has been of horses. I remember my first encounter with a horse, I instantaneously developed a deep fascination with the animal. I devoted my life to horses. My thoughts were entwined with anything horse related. I used horse terminology as a way to critically think and solve arithmetics in school. Twelve years later my infatuation with the animal proved true when I was asked by the University of Virginia Riding Team to join them as a sophomore in highschool. Horses were my escape from…

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  • The Horse Nation: Horses In Native American Culture

    Native peoples, the horse still is an essential part of daily life. For others, the horse will always remain an element of our identity and our history. The Horse Nation continues to inspire, and Native artists continue to celebrate the horse in our songs, our stories, and our works of art.” – Emil Her Many Horses Emil Her Many Horses is one of the many curators at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C. More specifically, he is the curator in the Museum Scholarship at the National Museum…

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  • Why Smell Is Important To Me Essay

    I would often nap on the back of my horse while he ate hay, my face buried in his mane. I learned to ride before I could crawl. I sat in the saddle in front of my mom, until eventually, I learned to sit up for myself. It was not too long after my sixth birthday that I boldly announced that I was going to ride on my own. Of course, my overconfidence led to the inevitable event of falling off for the first time. I quickly learned that the phrase “get back up on the horse” holds much meaning. The…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ahead With Horses

    I worked at Ahead with Horses at Sullivan Canyon for my community service. Ahead With Horses is an organization that helps many different disabled people, mostly kids, to help them overcome some aspects of their disability. Ahead With Horses throws many different activities like fairs and parties that many of the clients attend. They have a “horse show” where the kids walk around on the horses and sit in different places on the saddle. Ahead with Horses goal is to help disabled, disadvantaged…

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  • Rope Horse Pros And Cons

    slowly backs his horse into the metal box. Nerves are pulsing through his body. He looks to the left and sees the steer is ready and looks even farther to the left and makes eye contact with his partner. He gives the look and nods his head. After that, it’s all so fast the steer launches forward and his partner swings the rope, and it is thrown, he prays for the best. Lucky for him the rope lands around the horns and his partner dallys up and turns left. Now it’s all up to him and his horse,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Horse

    high school reminds me in many ways of what my horse has gone through over the past years. She has had a lot of bumps along the road, as have I in my personal life. Many people might have given up a long time ago. My hard work in both my own life and the training of my horse are starting to pay off. Similar to my mare going through training, my high school career has come with highs and lows; however, we both got stronger despite the…

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  • Process Essay: The Benefits Of Horse Riding

    animal known as a horse. I’ve been riding horses for four years and it has been the best four years of my life. They are fun to ride and teach you so many valuable skills you've probably never thought of. Horse will develop a strong loving bond for you and always stay loyal as long as they are treated well. Having a skill like horseback riding can benefit you in many ways because it is great core and leg exercise, you develop a strong bond between you and your horse, and it teaches you how to…

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