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  • Healthcare Field Reflection

    The most educational and insightful experience I have gained while developing my repertoire of knowledge of the sciences as well as the healthcare field was when I job-shadowed the physiotherapists at the St. Joseph’s Hospital Charlton Campus in Hamilton, Ontario. I observed the physiotherapists at work for a total of 16 hours in a variety of departments which included respiratory, musculoskeletal and acute medicine. It was an excellent opportunity to appreciate the teamwork involved across disciplines to provide the best possible treatment for patients. I initially spent time with a physiotherapist who specialized in acute medicine, she demonstrated the complete and thorough process involved in working with patients that required physiotherapy…

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  • Aldenbrook County Hospital Case Study

    Aldenbrook County Hospital, a teaching hospital, has hired a new Vice President (VP) of Nursing. The 625-bed hospital is located in the inner city. The hospital’s Patient Transportation Department must report to the new VP of Nursing, who is unaware of the problems in the Department. The Patient Transportation Department has a full-time equivalent (FTE) of twenty-three and a half (23.5) positions. They have seventeen and a half (17.5) full time and part-time transporters, a supervisor, two…

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  • Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center Case Study

    Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center was opened in October of 2003 as a for-profit hospital. It was the first acute care hospital in Southwest Las Vegas. The hospital is a 293-bed hospital which offers all private rooms and a wide range of different medical services. Spring Valley Hospital is owned and operated by Universal Health Services Inc. The Emergency Department is a 40-bed unit and has 8 psychiatric beds. (Spring Valley Hospital, 2016) It was noted that Emergency Department Registered…

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  • Negligence In Health Care Case Study

    Negligence in Emergency Departments: Who’s to Blame? Introduction Health care in the United States is a thriving industry that is exponentially growing, with expenses consuming approximately 17.4% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Martin et. al, 2016). In fact, health care related expenses reached $3 trillion in 2014, and an estimated $55.6 billion of that $3 trillion was spent solely on medical liability expenditures (Mello et. al, 2014). Recently published studies have shown that…

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  • Houston Dialysis Center Case Study

    Case Study: Houston Dialysis Centre Question 1 Houston Dialysis Center is among the several departments of Houston General Hospital; which is a full service and nonprofit-making institution. This factor indicates that as much as some profits are realized from operations in other departments of the hospital, the hospital’s focus remains as a center for providing care to the patients. Since this is the facility’s focus, it was justifiable for the hospital’s chief finance officer to prioritize the…

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  • Capstone Consulting Group Executive Summary

    and a market analysis of Webster Hospital that is in southeastern Middleboro. Utilization Analysis and Issues Examining current and projected utilization and market penetration can help answer questions concerning the characteristics of patients and the market implications that are associated with these characteristics. Starting with the years of 2014 and 2013, discharges slightly decreased from 5,133 to 5,095 (Seidel and Lewis 2014). Patient days slightly decreased in these two years from…

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  • Nursing Case Study Alternative And Resolution

    6. Alternative and Resolution I think that the hospital could benefit from this research study based on my observational analysis with few recommendation as follow:  Perform a staff assessment to evaluate their knowledge  Discuss with the patient/family members, make them aware about the hospital policy/ procedure and assist with instructions on how to fill a form.  Nurses are to read and document every patient belongings from the time they get admitted through ED department, during…

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  • Responsiveness Case Study Scenarios

    Moreover, the employees of the hospital were not willing to help the patient while moving from one room to another for primary scans. Even on the day of operation, when the patient’s mother asked for help, the response of the nurse was not satisfactory. The wait times to get a response were not long but the patient felt nervous and panicked as none of the staff members ever approached her to explain the procedure. The receptionist on the helpline number was quick to answer, but failed to provide…

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  • Medstar Union Memorial Hospital Case Study

    MedStar Union Memorial Hospital (MUMH) is a nonprofit community-based hospital and a nationally rank for their specialty performance in nephrology, orthopedics, heart bypass surgeries & knee replacement, general and medical surgery. The hospital is located in north central Baltimore city area and was founded in 1854 by the “Union Protestant Infirmary” to “provide shelter and medical care to the sick, poor, and disabled”. In 1923, the name was changed to recognize and honor the people who have…

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  • The Importance Of Throughput In Business Management

    Throughput is the rate at which the system achieves its purpose. The purpose of the hospital is to deliver quality care of the patients efficiently. The fragmentation of the activities also leads to waste thus compromises the throughput. The assertion is that hospital won’t be able to manage its throughput until it becomes an interconnected activities of a system. Hospital functions as collections of various departments or other units. The competition for scarce resources among the components as…

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