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  • Breaking Benjamin And The Modern Post-Grunge

    genre of music. The one who is my personal favorite would have to be Breaking Benjamin. They were quick to become successful due to their impressive sound. Breaking Benjamin is known for being dynamically loud, having a low pitch, a dark and heavy tone, and focusing on the lyrics and vocals. The Post-Grunge style they use is heavy, but not so heavy that it is Grunge Rock which gives it the ideal Post-Grunge rock approach people look for. Breaking Benjamin generally keeps a fast paced rhythm along with loud…

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  • Personal Narrative: Running Out Of Personal Interests

    Being social creatures, humans need to interact with other in order to better themselves and society. Groups of people tend to sprout out around common interests, be it sports, reading or other hobbies. Unfortunately, when I started middle school I did was not the best at making friends. I did not seem to be interested in the things that all my peers seemed to find fascinating so it was hard to find something to talk about. At the beginning of the 6th grade there was a specific incident where I…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay My Short Story

    I walked into my class out of breath after climbing three sets of stairs only to find myself without a place to sit. My seat had been taken by someone else. Fortunately for me, one of my classmates was absent, so I sat in her place. The next day the same thing happened and again another girl was absent so I sat in her place. This kept happening and I realized that I had no “real friends” that I could rely on to save me a seat. Did I really know everyone in class? Yes I did. Were they all…

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  • Leon F. Seltzer Ph. D. Evolution Of The Self

    People usually misunderstanding by some weird events or, argue with others who are spreading rumors. The worst thing is, in most cases, people always believe what they saw, and what they heard, but they often don 't believe people who they are close. Obviously, in our daily life misunderstand by friends or parents, co-workers; even celebrities are sometimes misunderstanding by the public because of mass media. Whatever who run into this kind of trouble, he or she will try them best way to…

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  • Monologue Of Senpai

    "Senpai did notice me" You like him. No, it 's more than that - you love him. At first you just looked up to him seeing how great he is at swimming - as if he and the water is one. He 's always the fastest one from the four of them. Then you started to learn more about him - you learned how good he is at arts and that he knows how to cook. It seems he can do anything you can 't, and the next thing you know you 're falling in love with your senpai, Haruka Nanase. It 's not that you 're stalking…

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  • Listening To My Father & # 39 ; S From The 50-70's

    I’m listening to my dad’s old CD’s from the 50-70’s. Nobody can hear it but me. The night is silence. The star is shining. The world is listening. I should have gone to sleep hours ago, but the memories go through my head. The music has enchanted me. This music most reminds me of my dad, Oscar. I always listen to this music on June 22 and Nombrever 26. On Nombrever, 26 is his birthday and on June is his anniversary of his last breath. Its has been 10 years that I see him. I was 6 years old, two…

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  • Why My Education Is Important To Me

    My education has shaped me to be who I am today; I use the power of my knowledge everyday. Like others, I have made many mistakes and have failed on different assignments. Let’s just say, i’ve been there and done that. I look at school and say I hate it, but I can also say I love it at the same time. I hate the work, but I love the relieving outcome. Today, I am glad to be where I am in my educational standpoint and that is all thanks to you. You are a very influential person to me when it…

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  • My Journey In Life: The Beginning Of Life

    Title Page My journey in life did not truly began till the summer of 2011. Just like the setting scene of the book Ping, it was the beginning of life to come that was all we knew. When everything in the pond was pure bliss, life was wonderful to say the least. It seemed as though nothing could be a problem and that life was kind and no one really knew what lie ahead. Everything at the pond was laidback, easy-going, and full of contentment for everyone but Ping as we…

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  • An Analysis Of Sum41's New Song, 13 Voices

    last single ‘Screaming Bloody Murder’ releasement, many rock fans were excited all over the world. However, When Sum41 posted some of new songs on U-TUBE, some critics and fans pointed out that there are less elements that indicate Sum41’s particular features in their new songs, and their comprehensive impression is pretty similar to Linkin park’s songs which is famous for Transformer series’ sound tracks. It seems there would be some specific elements which have inspired Sum41 in some ways. 1.…

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  • Rock Band Classification

    many alternative rock bands were also considered hard rock bands. So many people around the world are major listeners of so many subgenres of rock music. I found that the most popular genres are alternative and hard rock. Personally my phone is full of music from both genres of rock. The two genres seem to be so different from one another to have so many of the same bands in them. A very popular rock back these days Avenged Sevenfold is under both classifications. I guess this must be because of…

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