Personal Narrative: Running Out Of Personal Interests

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Being social creatures, humans need to interact with other in order to better themselves and society. Groups of people tend to sprout out around common interests, be it sports, reading or other hobbies. Unfortunately, when I started middle school I did was not the best at making friends. I did not seem to be interested in the things that all my peers seemed to find fascinating so it was hard to find something to talk about. At the beginning of the 6th grade there was a specific incident where I tried to make a friend and what followed stuck to my mind to this very day. There was a girl named Rebecca and she was eating lunch by herself so I figured that it was a perfect opportunity to talk to her. So I came up to her and said hi and she replied …show more content…
Kevin then told me that he did not care about all of those and only wanted puzzles. This made me scared, I felt that if I kept talking about something like that he will run out of interests when I run out of puzzles. Then one day Kevin brought a big book of riddles and logic puzzles and asked if I wanted to help him solve some of the riddles. I was shell shocked, for the first time one of my “friends” took up one of my interests and wanted me to be part of their interest. When I did not know what to do the same mysterious voice told me “do it.” I have been ignoring this voice all this time but now at that point I decided to follow it. So I hung out with Kevin some more and eventually two of his friends saw we were having fun and wanted to join. They too had the same reaction as Kevin and after some time assimilated me into their group. At that point I realized that I was getting all of these friends and I did not have to take up an activity that I did not like. At that point I decided to take of the mask, I quit karate and all other activities and focused on things I wanted to do. While doing this I found it easier to start liking new things like anime, video games and because I started liking new things I got more

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