Leon F. Seltzer Ph. D. Evolution Of The Self

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People usually misunderstanding by some weird events or, argue with others who are spreading rumors. The worst thing is, in most cases, people always believe what they saw, and what they heard, but they often don 't believe people who they are close. Obviously, in our daily life misunderstand by friends or parents, co-workers; even celebrities are sometimes misunderstanding by the public because of mass media. Whatever who run into this kind of trouble, he or she will try them best way to explain. They want to be clearly themselves; the inevitable thing is when people angry, they usually lost them thinking and they cannot pay attention on your explain. Hence, we need to waiting for a right time, rather than hurry to explain in the worst moment.
There is an event make me impression until now, it’s about my sister. Around two years ago, my sister was a mild girl, but her friends several of them were very outgoing, they were confident gregarious and socialized a lot. I still remember that is third year in high school around seven girls competing for a ballet protagonist; however those girls include my sister and her two “best friends”.
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In our daily life, people misunderstand other people is normally. According to, investigation shows people have this kind of emotional behavior cause many reasons. By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. Evolution of the Self “9 Reasons its So Easy to Be Misunderstood” report from “psychology today web”. From his report, I think there is one reason very important which is “The other person is mad at you”. It is true “Keep in mind that if the other individual is emotionally upset with you, whatever you say (or write) to them is likely to be taken unfavorably” Leon F Seltzer Ph.D. said. I think, when people has negative emotion, they not willing to listen to anyone explain, whatever what others talk, they already been angry and irritated, obviously, they always misinterpret what others real

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