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  • Eiffel Tower Research Paper

    TITLE Enchanting Nighttime Activities At The River Seine, Paris LEAD PARAGRAPH If you take a look at our planet from the universe during the nighttime, you’ll easily distinguish North America and Europe as the shiniest regions. By focusing on Europe, the spot in the northwestern part stands out as one of the most brightest. It is how Paris, among many other epithets, acquired its “The City of Lights” title. Day and night in Paris reveal two opposite faces of the French capital. While the first delights you, the latter enchants you, especially if you assume the right spot at the right time. So read on to find out what these spots are and enjoy. PARAGRAPHS Paris at dusk Champs-Elysees Boulevard is probably the best place to be in the…

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  • Creative Writing: Les Jardins D Eiffl

    I walk out of my hotel and look to my right and left. I’m trying to orient my street map in the dark. Les Jardins d’Eiffel is on a side street, Rue Amélie, in the seventh arrondissement in Paris. Emily walks out behind me, giddy with excitement. She’s 17, and I’m the only adult student on the trip, having just turned 18, so her mom has allowed her to go with me to see the Eiffel Tower at midnight. “Are you sure you can find it?,” shes asks nervously. “Yes, just let me focus,” I reply The truth…

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  • My Visit To Paris Essay

    Visiting Paris, France have always been a great desire for me. There is not one specific reason to explain this desire, but rather a collection of things that draw my specific attention to Paris. Perhaps my first visit to Republic of Congo and the French language being their lingua franca got me intrigued. I love to experience the original French cuisine, the art, the fashion, the architecture, and everything Paris has to offer and their smooth language. Also I have always brought up this ideal…

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  • The Importance Of Travel To Europe

    there, we took a ferry; it was not a ferry, as my teacher called it, but a huge cruise ship. I enjoyed getting to relax on it for a few hours before heading to my destination. It was amazing to see Big Ben up close along with the London Eye. Honestly, my favorite place was the M&M store. It was huge with multiple levels; I had found the place I wanted to spend all my money. I accidently spent one hundred dollars at a souvenir shop since I did not know how much a pound compared to a dollar. Later…

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  • Masculinity In Giovanni's Room

    Ellen finds it abominable to have multiple partners, and therefore David grows up with the opinion that the very American and Christian view on sex and marriage- one sexual partner who one will marry and with whom one will create a family- is the ultimate sign of a successful man. It is a very telling sign of Baldwin’s view of American homosexuals in the 1950s as being somewhat removed from the reality of their situation, that one of the earlier scenes that David describes in the novel is a…

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  • Essay On The Devil In The White City

    Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the Americas. The event, which would cover over 600 acres and bring well over twenty seven million people was developed by the architect Daniel Burnham. Burnham and his partner at the time, John Root, set out to put Chicago onto a stage of positive reputation and honor. They must both overcome a series of delays and obstacles, and with the death of his partner, Daniel Burnham is left on his own to set up the World Fair while building delays, strikes orchestrated…

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  • The Eiffel Tower

    Paris may be known worldwide today as ‘the city of lights’ and home to the unmistakable Eiffel Tower that dominates the city, but there was once a time when Paris was a medieval town, with ancient buildings and streets. Prior to the drastic actions of Georges-Eugène Haussmann to modernise the city, the river Seine was the centre of commerce. This was until his boulevards became the new highways of the city. Haussmann’s renovation of Paris took place between 1853 and 1870, and saw buildings like…

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  • Personal Narrative-Mon Premier Jour En France

    Mon Premier Jour en France There I was, lost at the Notre Dame. Not having a clue where everyone else was. You’re probably wondering how I got in this situation. Let me start from the beginning. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I had been told that my French class would one day go to France on a trip. After years of waiting, the day had finally arrived. I was leaving for France! Our flight left at 4pm out of JFK and had a layover in Amsterdam which took about 8 hours. When we landed…

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  • Continental Hotel Case Study

    CONTINENTAL HOTEL, SAIGON Refreshing breath for a haunted old life CONTINENTAL HOTEL: A FORGOTTEN BRAND THAT HAS RECENTLY BEEN REVITALIZED Being stacked with 900 hotels around the city (Anderson, 2014), Saigon has long been losing its attention to the oldest hotel in town: The Hôtel Continental. Back to 1880, this building, which is now known as Continental Hotel, was constructed by the French during their colonial period in Vietnam (Asia Life Magazine, 2013). The hotel’s name was taken…

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  • Marketing Case Study: Turbo Air

    Turbo Air is a brand new premium airline. The home base is in Paris Orly Airport (ORY) in France. The reason of choosing this base is the location of the airport is in the center of Europe. It is very convenient to travel to the other countries in Europe. It is the top ten airports with the most departures. Although the demand of this airport is not bigger than the nearest airport, Paris De Gaulle Airport, its handling charges and parking fee of the aircraft are cheaper. It is easier to make…

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