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  • Colonialism And Realism In Henry James And Daisy Miller

    Kate Chopin is considered one of the first feminist writers of the twentieth century; she used literary realism for addressing issues of race, gender, colonialism, slavery, etc. We see her feminist approach in her portraying of women’s realities in the south and how their lack of independence and freedom affect their lives. In the other hand, Henry James is also realist in style, but he depicts reality from an objective impartial position, his personages are portrayed as a mirror. In his novel Daisy Miller, women do not share the same perspective about the world; there is a conflict between traditional and modern viewpoints. The main protagonist of Henry James’ Daisy Miller totally opposed the women portrayed in Kate Chopin’s short stories.…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Henry James The Turn Of The Screw

    In Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, the reader is pulled in two directions as he or she must decide for himself or herself if the ghosts are simply projections of the governess’ unconscious or if they are truly haunting both Miles and Flora. These two differing viewpoints are a direct result of James’ use of ambiguity of the text. James’ story then changes from a simple ghost story about a governess, two ghosts, and two children to a story filled with ambiguity and questions, which contribute…

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  • Patrick Henry And James Madison: Two Key Roles In The Development Of The Constitution

    Patrick Henry and James Madison played two key roles in the development of the Constitution. These two men had different views on how America should be governed. Patrick Henry who was against the new Constitution and sided with the Anti-Federalists. James Madison was the architect of the Constitution and felt a powerful government was needed in order for the colonies to not fall apart. After the Revolutionary War the colonies needed some help with the low imports from Britain since they were cut…

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  • Literary Techniques In The Turn Of The Screw

    Literary Techniques and the Horror of The Turn of the Screw One purpose of Henry James’ gothic novella The Turn of the Screw is to instill fear in the reader. There are several features of this work that make the story horror inducing; first, James’ deals with the idea of the corruption of innocence of children. In the story’s opening chapter, the observation is made that the corruption of a child in a ghost story “adds a particular touch” (James 115). Fear is also associated with the…

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  • The Pupil Analysis

    Moreen’s relationship with Morgan is not common for a mother and her son. She treats him like a mere object and considers him to be worthless as he “fetch[es] her fan”. Readers can also infer that Mrs. Moreen speaks harshly of him because Pemberton is able to note that a “boy of eleven shouldn’t catch” the things she says. Nevertheless, she still has the caring heart of a parent and the reader can assume that she chose Pemberton because he was the most intelligent and wants the finest tutor for…

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  • Summary Of From The Art Of Fiction

    For anyone who writes, there is always a question of whether or not the end product is any good. In “From The Art of Fiction,” American writer Henry James implies that the secret to good writing is to infuse it with experience, whether vast or limited, authentic or cultivated through imagination. James reiterates that the writer’s process of gaining inspirational experience is never complete. Furthermore, he affirms that genius lies within the writer’s ability to openly collect experiences,…

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  • Independent Thought In Emily Dickinson's Literature

    Independent thought is described as the ability to make one’s own decisions, to decide on one’s own choices, and to complete one’s own desires. Often in the modern world, the ability is taken for granted, with many people exercising it every moment of the day. However, for people living in the 1800’s, individual experience does not exist for everyone, especially for women and children. Many authors attempt to tackle the lack of independent society, with none being greater than Emily Dickinson,…

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  • Edith Wharton Naturalism Essay

    learn about the relationship of Wharton and her mother. The two did not have a good relationship, as Wharton only had awful things to say about her mother. Her poor relationship with her mother shows up in all other female friendships of her life. Wharton had relatively few female friends, and she had no friendships with female writers. She forged lasting connections with many successful men, such as Henry James and Bernard Berenson. When her male friends had spouses, Wharton appears to have…

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  • Analysis: The Turn Of The Screw

    of view. The time set is around the 1840s and in a country home named Bly in Essex, England. The protagonist, a twenty year old women, who is well rounded character yet also sensitive and emotionally explosive. James makes you question anything that happens, he makes you stop and think if this…

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  • A Humble Remonstrance Analysis

    Robert Louis Stevenson’s essay, ‘A Humble Remonstrance’, [2001, (1884] is a direct onslaught on, the ongoing debate on the nature and function of fiction initiated by two renowned authors Walter Besant and Henry James, whose essays both entitled ‘The Art of Fiction’ attempt to define the artistic side of fiction. Each author entering this discussion had differing views on the subject, and the crux of this debate was to define the laws of what constitutes the definition of ‘Realism’. This…

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