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  • The Victorian Era By Trudy Mercadal's Women In The Victorian Era

    Mrs. Linde is a foil character of Nora and shows how women should be independent and how women can be happy without a significant other. After her husband’s passing, she steps up to the plate and wants to get a job. In the 19th century, women had just started working and it showed Mrs.Linde’s independance and her willingness to take on a job which only men were supposed to do. In the article “Women in the Victorian Era” by Trudy Mercadal, “The Victorian era lasted a long time and had different impacts across gender, social class, and countries.” This means the time period affected the middle class differently. “In comparison with Panchal 4 modern women, Victorian women were isolated from the spheres of work and…

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  • Disease In The Victorian Era

    All people are affected by diseases. Diseases have ruined many lives over the course of the Victorian era. In the Victorian era Cholera, Measles and Mumps, and Smallpox were the back bones of the many thousands of deaths that had happened in the Victorian era. The works of Dr. Barnardo who was one of the main discoverers of all three of these diseases that were able to each kill over 22,000 alone during their rain and imports many subtopics of his own, the diseases which we walk amongst, that…

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  • Victorian Era Ideology

    The ideology behind the Victorian Era is vast and extensive. When it comes to mind, most people conjure up images of elegant balls, fancy carriages, and romance. This might have been the case for some, but the vast majority didn’t get to bask in that picture. For the lower class, they were projected to make an annual income of only 25 pounds, while the aristocrats made up to 30,000 ( The Victorian Era began in 1837 when King William IV died, and Victoria took over the throne.…

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  • Women In The Victorian Era

    The Victorian era was a nineteenth-century time period during which many political, economic, and social changes took place throughout England. One of the most prominent categories of discourse regarding this era is that of femininity and the Victorian woman, who was often suppressed and objectified by the patriarchal society in which she existed. However, during the later parts of the nineteenth century, women began to fight for and eventually gain a level of independence in their personal…

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  • Fashion In The Victorian Era

    Victorian fashion comprises the numerous trends in British culture that developed in province throughout the Victorian era and the reign of Queen Victoria. As quoted from a Victoriana magazine, “The fashion conscious Victorian lady created this appearance with a mysterious combination of the ‘uncomfortable and inconvenient’ with the ‘frivolous and decorative.’”. Starting with undergarments to her dress, evening gowns to bonnets, and Victorian hats trimmed with feathers, flowers and ribbons;…

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  • Interiority In The Victorian Era

    This essay discusses the importance of interiority in relation to the Victorian era. During the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 – 1901, many years after the Industrial Revolution, came major economic developments throughout Britain which had impacts on interior decoration in Victorian homes. The nineteenth century saw a huge growth in the population of Great Britain which had major changes such as the expansion of middle-class families which lead to increased demand for goods and services…

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  • Femininity In The Victorian Era

    To know about Victorian women, you would have to know first what the Victorian Era was, right? Well, the Victorian Era was the name of the reign by Alexandria Victoria, who was better known as Queen Victoria. During her reign as queen, which took place in the United Kingdom for nearly 64 years, it was a time of many changes and improvements within the U.K. These changes included political, scientific, industrial, military, and especially cultural alterations. This all happened between May of…

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  • The Rich In The Victorian Era

    Have you ever thought about the 19th century? Well, the Victorian Era, named after Queen Victoria, is considered to be a time of great accomplishments and riches. Many of the great items from this era, like the clothes, food, and the privileges of being rich, are some things people sought out. However, not everyone got to experience the luxury of being rich and high class. One of the most accomplished minor art forms during the Victorian Era were their clothes. Over this time period many…

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  • Religion In The Victorian Era

    Victoria and her ideals. During the Victorian Period, many artistic styles appeared, as well as political and social movements. Furthermore, the era was characterized by rapid change and developments in nearly every field, from advances in medical, scientific and technological knowledge to changes in population growth and location. It was the Age of the Empire, prosperity and great political reform, but also it was a time of contradiction. Social movements concerned with improving public morals…

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  • Education In Victorian Era Essay

    Victorian Era The Victorian era occurred during the eighteenth century through the early nineteenth century. This time period when compared to how things are done in the twenty-first century, you can definitely see the vast differences. This includes the education, how the health of those varied from class to class and the medicine given out, fashion and those who influenced it, daily village life, marriage laws, and dinner manners at the table. During the Victorian Era, there were…

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