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  • Watergate: A Bad Influence On American History

    Before the summer of 1972, Watergate was nothing more than the name of an expensive, luxurious hotel in Washington D.C. Nobody would have predicted that this hotel would be associated with the biggest political scandal in the history of the USA.This scandal would ultimately led to President Nixon’s resignation and the loss of American trust in their leaders.Therefore, the Watergate Scandal was a bad influence on American history. It all began with the politics in the 1960’s during the time in which the US was involved in the Vietnam war and deeply divided internally. In such a harsh political climate, Republican President Richard Nixon (who was running for reelection) and his key advisors thought it was vital to have a forceful presidential campaign.Their aggressive tactics turned out to be an illegal espionage. In May 1972, members of Nixon’s committee broke into the Democratic National Committee's headquarters and stole copies of top-secret documents and placed secret cameras all over the office.However, the cameras failed to work, so on June 17th, the group returned and were preparing to enter with the new equipment when a soldier noticed a tape on the lock and called the police. They arrived just in time to catch the spies red-handed. There was no clear evidence that the spies were connected to the president, but there was some suspicion when detectives found the re-election committee’s phone number among their belongings. Nixon gave a speech in August, in which he…

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  • Richard Nixon Turning Point In American History

    Throughout the many years in American history battles, conflicts, and turning points have shaped who we are and how we act today. But specifically the year of 1975 was the biggest defining year in U.S. History. Being the only President to resign from office, Richard Nixon was accused of being involved in a conspiracy to cover-up illegal espionage and sabotage of Democratic Presidential candidate George McGovern's campaign in 1972. This conspiracy known as the Watergate scandal created a…

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  • The Intelligence Committee Essay

    The Intelligence Committee is a select committee; it specializes in, and is responsible for, the oversight of intelligence activities and programs of the United States (GovTrack). Their prerogative is to ensure that the intelligence activities of the United States are within constitutional law. In order to execute and enforce this objective, they propose legislation and provide legislative oversight. Due to its importance, this committee is present in both the House and Senate (GovTrack). The…

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  • Media Scandal Watergate

    Now that you know about how the media informs the public we will move on to how the media exposes government corruption or controversies and how the government reacts to the exposure of these controversies by inspecting the intense scandal Watergate, which occurred under Richard Nixon’s administration. Details of how this scandal happen are bizarre, first, five men broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the hotel Watergate who was caught and was carrying thirty-five hundred…

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  • Zinn Under Control Analysis

    What does Zinn mean by “Under Control?” What I believe Zinn means by using the phrase “under control” is that the government had the opposite of over control. It is apparent the government lacked control in just about every aspect during this time. Meaning the system was out of control because there was a lack of control. The first indication that the government was loosing control during this time was found in the view of the United States citizens. People no longer had any trust in or showed…

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  • Irony: The Assassination Of Richard Nixon

    I am ever so grateful to be promotion to an important investigative position for the FBI, however I must admit I am quite horrified at my first case. President Nixon killed by a reel of recording tape… talk about irony. This is not a time to joke around which is why I’ve been busy investigating several suspects to the murder of Richard Nixon and I am happy to say I have found quite some convincing ones. As you know, there were quite a few clues found in a White House trashcan that was very…

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  • Watergate Scandal Of Richard Nixon Essay

    Exploitation Leading to a Worse Tomorrow A new president is elected every four years to run our nation, represent the country, and uphold the Constitution of the United States. The President of the United States acts as the most powerful man in the world and therefore, we must place our trust into his hands. When the society discovers that their elected president becomes untrustworthy and secretive , a bond is broken. The Watergate Scandal of Richard Nixon and the most notorious political…

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  • Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Scandal

    The 37th president of the United States, Richard Nixon, was involved criminally in a case during his presidency. He took many steps to try to cover the crime, steps that were crucial to his presidency, in which he was involved in a “Saturday Night Massacre” and allowed others to take the blame for his actions. Nixon may not have planned the scandal, nor was he even a part of the burglary, but he did many things to make it seem like he had no idea that any of the scandal had occurred. Nixon…

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  • The 1974 Scandal

    American leaders were once considered powerful and respected individuals appointed to represent the needs of their people. Great leaders throughout history like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington are commemorated for their service. But this optimism towards government has quickly eroded as Americans lose faith in their leaders. How has such an important institution lost the support of the people it represents? When the New York Times published the first papers of the infamous “pentagon…

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  • Oxford Dictionaries: What´s Organized Crime?

    What is organized crime? Oxford Dictionaries says Organized crime is criminal activities that are planned and controlled by powerful groups and carried out on a large scale. The FBI say when you think of organized crime, you probably picture the Italian and Sicilian Mafioso of television and the silver screen. But in recent years, the face of organized crime has changed, and the threat is broader and more complex than ever. They tell us more bout this change and who they are. Like Russian…

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