Watergate Scandal Analysis

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A President’s Demise
The Watergate scandal was definitely significant during the second of President Nixon’s’ two terms. At first, the public chose not to put too much attention towards the Watergate burglary. It was clear that the scandal required more attention than previously assumed. The more that people began to dig into the story, the more people realized how it seemed connected to the White House and more specifically, Nixon. The specific people hired for the burglary began suspicion. When Nixon began to get rid of people in his inner circle that had relevance to the Watergate scandal, it without a doubt backfired.
The burglars were ex-CIA agents hired CIA operatives who worked for the committee to re-elect President Nixon. The
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President Nixon’s actions continued to seem more suspicious at every turn. He began to get more and more paranoid with every news article that was released to the press. It was suspected that a man by the name of Mark Felt, an FBI agent, was the inside man providing information to the outside. The President was powerless due to the likeliness of Mark Felt exploiting all of the information he has to the public if he was revealed as a source. There were microphones set up in the Oval Office used to record private conversations. These tapes were later released to the public and revealed a great deal about Nixon. The tapes revealed the attempted cover-ups for the Watergate scandal. There were even tapes that were intentionally deleted which continued to prove the ties between Nixon and the scandal.
The Watergate scandal created a lot of controversy throughout America. There were multiple cases that showed Nixon’s connection with the scandal. Toward the end of Nixon’s term, even members of his own party were poised to remove him. He continued to search for ways to get information on his Democratic competitors. Nixon appeared to be obsessed with winning and by resorting to dirty tactics. All of this was detrimental to his presidency and thus left him with no choice but to

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