The Unfinished Business By Richard Nixon: Article Analysis

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In the early 1970’s there was a break in at the Democratic National Committee Headquarters, which came to be known as the Watergate break-ins. Upon Investigation It was found that top white house officials, the CIA, FBI and even the president at the time Richard Nixon was involved in trying to cover it up. This led to Richard Nixon resigning which in my opinion was to save face from the impeachment that was coming his way. In the upcoming paragraphs I will be summarizing and examining two different articles on the Watergate crisis, where both authors have totally different views on the events in which happened. I will also discuss how this has changed America’s views on politics as well as how things may be different had this unfolded in this time with social media being the way it is. In the article Editorial: Watergate: The Unfinished Business the author is clearly unhappy with the way president Nixon had been handling the Watergate scandal and how long it had taken him to accept responsibility. The author felt that Nixon had not done enough as he stated in the article that the president was determined to do no more than the least that is required(Washingtonpostcom, 2016) . Based on what I have read in the article I have also …show more content…
In the article the author stated there can be no argument with the Tribunes right to its conclusion, but there is a wide berth to contest the Tribunes reasoning in arriving at those conclusions (Thecrimsoncom, 2016). The author felt that the President did what any person in that position would have done, in the article he stated The President responded to emerging internal crisis in the manner of any man at the pinnacle of leadership (Thecrimsoncom, 2016). Basically the author felt that Richard Nixon was

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