President Nixon Dbq Essay

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As the tensions of the Cold War increased, so did the concerns over domestic and international issues. These growing concerns became a constant challenge for President Nixon. Over the years of his presidency, Nixon would handle the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and the Watergate Scandal. Compacts, speeches, embargos, and other reforms were used by the Nixon administration to deal with these events ranging from 1968 through 1978. Although few agreed with how to handle them, if at all, Nixon addressed the issues nonetheless. Critics of Nixon saw these events as suspicious and unnecessary for the government to handle.

Even before winning the presidency, Nixon was gladly to give out his Acceptance Speech in 1968 (Doc A) as a result of going to run a nation with many flaws, but proudly ready to face the obstacles to come. At the beginning of Nixon’s presidency, he was faced with the issue of handling the Vietnam War. With no clear strategy on how to end or to continue the war, Nixon had no choice but to take action on what was increasingly becoming a military and financial burden on the US. As shown in document B, Nixon tries to convince Ho Chi Minh, the President of Vietnam, to end the war with a peace agreement. Ho Chi Minh agrees to the terms under the condition of the US removing troops in Vietnam. Minh wanted the US
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Minorities were being discriminated against at home. They were not permitted to vote without threat of violence, share facilities with the white population or have their children educated with white children. There was no moral sense of equity among the races, and therefore, it did not make sense for minorities to serve ‘their’ country in a war when they were discriminated against at home. As shown in document E, most white people were not fond of negroes would leaving the Democratic party. Thus giving Nixon more Republican support than ever from this

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