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  • Ghost Stories

    The folklore of Appalachia and Kentucky is something that cannot be refuted. In these mountains many stories and superstitions grow. These stories are passed down and recorded. What remains a mystery is whether these stories are rooted in fact or fiction. Ghost stories range in topic from people, places, houses, and more and the superstitions include ghosts and how people live their lives and beyond. Humans as a group are always intrigued by that which they cannot explain with the roots of folklore and ghost stories going farther back than can be traced. What causes this fascination? Are these stories true? These are questions that are asked whenever a ghost story is told, a haunted house visited, or a scary movie watched. In Appalachia and…

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  • Scrooge And The Ghost Short Story

    Scrooge had a friend he had business with and his name was Marley. Marley and Scrooge were partners for who knows how many years. Marley died and the story said “Marley was dead, to begin with. The is no doubt whatever about that.”. Scrooge knew he was dead, but he really wasn't upset about it, but Scrooge was a great business man. The story said “The firm was known as Scrooge and Marley. Sometimes people new to the business called Scrooge Scrooge, and sometimes Marley, but he answered to both…

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  • Themes In Ghost Stories, By Alex Vernon

    primarily about ghosts. The audience for this article is probably military buffs or anyone with an interest in ghost stories. In fact the opening few lines of the article basically establishes a false thesis. Vernon describes a spooky event that occurred to a classmate while attending the prestigious school. He writes, “…on the third floor of Pershing Barracks, a classmate standing at the window in his daily academic uniform. Beside Eric at the window stood a figure Bruce couldn’t…

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  • Short Story 'Ghost Of The Lagoon'

    Name: Maya Tinney and Anna Polk Date: 11-15 Pd. 7 “Ghost of the Lagoon” Extra Scene Common Task: Write an additional or alternative scene for a text Directions: After reading the short story, “Ghost of the Lagoon,” you and a partner will create an extra scene. It can be an additional scene that adds a new character to the story OR it can be an existing scene from a different perspective. STEP 1: CHOOSE THE TYPE OF SCENE NEW CHARACTER/ENDING NEW PERSPECTIVE -Choose a place in the story…

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  • The Ghost Story Analysis

    footsteps. He creeps into his room and sits by the fireplace, contemplating the past, until he is rushed to bed by more haunting racket. Eventually, the narrator finally goes to bed and falls asleep, only to then be woken up by the continuous frights. The narrator tries to convince himself it is a dream, but after tugging with his covers and hearing the creaks of footsteps, he saw the imprint of a giant. At that moment, the speaker is terrorized by creepy incidents of opening doors, closing…

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  • Ghost Story Turned Comedy Analysis

    Ghost Story Turned Comedy? A cloud of debate surrounds a well-known and controversial story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The Yellow Wallpaper is most commonly placed in either the mystery or thriller genres. However, what if some events of the story were altered to present a comical overtone? When read the first time, The Yellow Wallpaper has such bizarre qualities it is difficult to not focus on the sheer absurdity of the story’s events, which could easily be transformed into outrageous acts of…

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  • The Lidke Ghost Short Story

    The Lidke Ghost On a cloudy Friday night Phito, and his wife, Carla was working late at Lidke Mill. But it wasn’t just Phito and Carla there, but, Carla noticed something shiny and moving down by the river. So without telling Phito she walked down by the river to see what it was. On her way down to the river, she saw that the thing wasn’t there anymore so she went back to her husband. The next Friday it was the same way as last time, it was very cloudy. But this time there were someone named…

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  • The Ghost Of Medicine Crow: A Short Story

    There is a place where you can go. There is a place where the wind whispers wonders Of long ago. There is a place where the Meadowlark still sings. I know this place for long ago... There I walked with... The Ghost of Medicine Crow Shamus curried his horse beneath the huge cottonwood shade tree near his home on the Montana Indian reservation. At 10 years old, Shamus had become a good horseman and responsible owner of his brown quarter horse gelding, Two-Gun. Often…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Ghost Of Crutchfield Hall

    Fantasy Chapter book 1. In the Keifer textbook, they name several fantasy elements. I chose to read The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall because I have always enjoyed the supernatural. This book follows a young orphan as she moves in with her uncle and aunt and begins to be visited by the ghost of her late cousin. The main element of fantasy for this particular novel would be the supernatural element. 2. The author is able to make the story believable by making the main character relatable to many…

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  • Theme Of Ambiguity In Henry James The Turn Of The Screw

    In Henry James’ The Turn of the Screw, the reader is pulled in two directions as he or she must decide for himself or herself if the ghosts are simply projections of the governess’ unconscious or if they are truly haunting both Miles and Flora. These two differing viewpoints are a direct result of James’ use of ambiguity of the text. James’ story then changes from a simple ghost story about a governess, two ghosts, and two children to a story filled with ambiguity and questions, which contribute…

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