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  • Oath Of The Horatii Analysis

    Painting and relevance: Jacques-Louis David’s “Oath of the Horatii” was painted in 1784 and it was commissioned by the Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture on behalf of the Kind Louis XVI. The inspiration of the painting had to come by Corneille’s Play “Horace” which was being performed in Paris during that time. In 1785 the painting was exhibited at the Paris Salon. The painting shows a decisive moment of will as well as a great family tragedy resulting from political consequences. The episode takes place in early Roman history; the three Horatii brothers make an oath to their father that they would fight and sacrifice themselves in order to save Rome from the Curatii brothers, representatives of Alba Longa. The tragic dilemma of the story lies in the fact that these two families where linked by marriage. Sabina, one of the Curatii’s sisters was indeed married to one of the Horatii, while Camilla, sister of the Horatii was betrothed to one of the Curatii. This historical painting is regarded as one of David’s absolute masterpieces. It conveys heroism and patriotism, themes that will acquire fundamental importance during the French Revolution. However, these themes are represented by making use of a classical subject. Therefore, David makes use of an subject drawn from antiquity to depict and criticise a contemporary social problem. It is no coincidence that the episode was taken from the early roman period, which was characterized by heroic patriotism. The formal…

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  • Bizet's Carmen Character Analysis

    Introduction to Opera Compare the characters of Carmen and Micaëla in Carmen. What are the differences between them, how is this expressed in the music, and do you think the outcome is inevitable? Introduction Bizet's Carmen is an Opera in four acts, first performed at the Opéra-Comique in Paris on 3 March with a plot based on the 1845 novella by Mérimée. Today it stands as one of the most popular french operas of all time.The Opera explores the relationship between the enchanting Carmen and…

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  • Orientalism In Madame Butterfly

    An analysis of orientalism in ‘Madame Butterfly’ and ‘Turandot Due to the integration of various forms of artistic expression and multicultural customs, opera has been loved by the majority of the people since it was published. Therefore, the same as the other art works and masterpieces, opera also would be influenced by politics and economics, even by the thoughts or minds from most people. Madame Butterfly (Puccini, 1904) and Turandot (Puccini, 1926) were two examples to illustrate how a…

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  • Music In The Romantic Period

    by works that mirrored individual uniqueness, self-expression and emotions. In the musical scene, this period was seen in expansive symphonies, passionate songs and superb piano music. Compositions in this time showed intense energy and passion. It also drew inspiration from literature and art. There are a handful of composers who became known in the Romantic Period, from Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) to Rentaro Taki (1879-1903). Although Gramophone, one of the leading music magazines in…

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  • Listening Hour Concert Critique

    combination of casual and critical listener. During yesterday’s concert, I made some comments on different performers(vocals) from perspectives of emotion, skills, and stage presence. Importantly, I will analyze this concert with my perceptive listener’s characteristics and music appreciation knowledge in detail. The Listening Hour, located in music 176, is small-scale vocal solo concert including 11 vocal soloists’ performance of different compositions. The soloists are: Cody Espejo, Matthew…

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  • Music Recital Experience Essay

    by the Tudor era. Whither must I wander?, is the seventh of the nine poems written by Robert Louis Stevenson and set to music in the Songs of Travel song cycle by Ralph Vaughan Williams completed in 1904. The song in an andante tempo was performed by the tenor Robert Voelker. Reflective in nature, the wonderfully melodic piece was highlighted by the dynamic softness and volume and highs and low of Mr. Voelker’s pitch. Having heard him sing beautifully as a teenager, it was a delight listening to…

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  • Sexuality And Gender Identity In David Henry Hwang's M. Butterfly

    standards are derived from an American definition of masculinity, he does not. Before describing American masculinity and its relation to Gallimard it would serve well to understand why it is possible to say, in the text, that the French may display American characteristics. First, when dividing the world, America and Europe are placed together as the “West.” Thus characteristics that describe parts of such a group can also describe the collective. David Henry Hwang is also an American author…

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  • Carmen And Don Jose Character Analysis

    quite familiar with the storyline. Thus, I feel we were able to appreciate the music and role of the orchestra more, as the audience would frequently burst in applause during popular arias. For example, Bizet’s use of unique rhythms within the music contributed to the exoticism within the opera and contributed to my fascination with the opera itself. Accompanied by costumes, lighting and set, music brought all of the theatrical elements together to form mesmerizing production. Influence on…

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  • Dubussy's: Prelude To The Impressionist Period

    This era reflected on late Romantic period ideas as well as provided different cultures and realism to music. Composer Giacomo Puccini composed the opera Madame Butterfly which provided a Japanese style to the piece. The Impressionist period was characterized by dissonance and provided ninth chords to music. Dubussy’s: Prelude to “The Afternoon of a Faun” is an Impressionist period symphonic poem that uses chords with lower thirds, and a loose A-B-A’ structure. More Impressionist period music…

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  • The Influence Of Music In Politics

    and the candidate’s use of the artist’s song. Other musicians issued similar statements after hearing Trump intended to use their music. A spokesman for Queen, the legendary Rock band, stated that “Queen does not want [their song “We are the Champions”] to be used as an endorsement of Mr. Trump and the political views of the Republican Party.” The estate of the late opera singer Luciano Pavarotti released a statement saying that “that the values of brotherhood and solidarity which Luciano…

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