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  • Talented Education Vs Gifted Education

    Introduction: Gifted and talented students are often seen as a group that does not need any help, but they are as important as any other group of students in our schools. While there is not a uniform definition of gifted and talented students, generally, 2-10% of students in the United States could fall under this category, and are usually identified as having an IQ in the top 2-5% or scoring in the top 5-10% on standardized tests (Worrel, 2015, pg. 123). But, unlike other groups of students, gifted and talented students are usually not as funded as other groups of students. The total state and federal funding for gifted education in the United States was less than 0.15% of the entire education budget. Research shows there are several…

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  • Parallel Model Of Gifted Education

    is not easy. The District of Wonder defines gifted children as an individual who identified by professionally qualified persons who, when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment, exhibit capability of high performance in intellectual, creative or artistic areas, possess an unusual capacity for leadership or excel in specific academic fields. According to US Department of Education 1993, a gifted child means “Children and youth with outstanding talent who perform or show the…

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  • Gifted Changes In Education

    Public’s View of Education poll of 2015, sixty-seven percent of the United States believe that the learning expectations for students could change to improve the education system’s quality (Testing). The ideal quality differs in every one of those voter’s minds, but student equality is, no doubt, one of the requirements on their lists. America has been striving for educational equality ever since the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001; however, there is still a group of students who are gifted,…

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  • Inclusion In Gifted Education

    Gifted education has changed throughout time as individuals learn more about how to serve the gifted students to the fullest extent and make sure that they are challenged but not frustrated. There are many types of services to support the gifted individual, which include pull-out sessions, self-contained learning environments, and inclusion within the classroom. The goal of all the different types of gifted educational services that are offered is to have “schools that teach, challenge, and…

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  • Analysis Of Gifted And Talented Groups In Education

    The issues of the two groups that I will be talking about are two of the groups that in most states are two of the most under serviced groups in our schools today. Gifted and Talented (G/T) and LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) students and students from LGBT families are not being reached out to and served by most school districts in America. I have been in classrooms with both of these groups, and the teachers were not prepared for their classrooms and it has and is still causing…

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  • Gifted Early Education

    While our children only make up a fraction of our population, they make up a %100 of our future. The future of this country is in their hands. Some will go on to be doctors or lawyers, some will go other routes such as mechanics and engineers, but they will all start together, in one room, learning the same thing, in the exact same way in public schools. Every single child is gifted early education, but at what cost? Free, or so one would assume. Yet, how free are our children when they are…

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  • Reflective Essay On Gifted Education

    Frankly, I can say I learned too many things about developing a curriculum for high ability learners. Since I have to choose two, creating authentic, alternative assessments and higher order thinking skills would be my choices. We are working with gifted students which need everything differently than usual. Creating authentic and alternative assessments for them one of the most significant parts of teaching gifted. During this summer, I learned really important things about authentic and…

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  • Gifted Education Standard 1 Essay

    Standard 1: Learner Development and Individual Learning Differences The most critical standard in my opinion is Standard 1. As educators, we must make an effort in getting to know our students. Figuring out the best way they learn, what they are interested in, their family background and understand how they develop. Once we know that, we can differentiate any lesson or activity. This will then make it meaningful to them and they will enjoy learning. This part of the e-Portfolio will focus on…

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  • Gifted Education Case Study Essay

    Case Study Before teaching third grade, I student taught in a gifted and talented fourth grade classroom. As we were qualifying one of our students, Ryleigh Moore, we noticed that she had specific characteristics that later proved to be indicative of her classification of gifted and talented. She was qualified into the program at the end of fourth grade. Physically, Ryleigh is comparable in stature to her peers. Her height is four feet, her weight is 79 pounds. The physical characteristic that…

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  • Discrimination In Gifted Education Must End Summary

    The article, “Discrimination in Gifted Education Must End” by Harold O. Levy, discusses the issues surrounding gifted programs in schools and most students who are placed in them. The article first introduces the perspective of the teachers, who are likely focused on the students with the most academic struggles. Teacher’s direct extra focus towards these students to encourage them to preserve, graduate, and create a better life for themselves. While teachers do this, they give a lack of…

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