The Benefits Of Standardized Testing In Public Schools

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While our children only make up a fraction of our population, they make up a %100 of our future. The future of this country is in their hands. Some will go on to be doctors or lawyers, some will go other routes such as mechanics and engineers, but they will all start together, in one room, learning the same thing, in the exact same way in public schools. Every single child is gifted early education, but at what cost? Free, or so one would assume. Yet, how free are our children when they are robbed of free thinking, creativity, independence, and individuality? Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” yet, isn’t school the most important thing for education (Albert Einstein, 1)? Standardize test have been made a big part of education. This test was created to evaluate a school’s effectiveness (Popham, 1). Standardized tests cover certain material within curiculum, which gives teachers something specific to teach in their classrooms. This is helpful, in that it allows teachers to know exactly what to teach. It also sets up a goal for the teachers, which is to get the students to pass the standardized test. With the scores from standardized test, …show more content…
Students who struggle feel frustrated and humiliated, because they are faced with a test that exceeds their taste taking abilities or their current skill set. These tests fail to measure some of the traits that are most important in our education system. Creativity, individuality, and love of learning are possibly the most important traits for our children to have today, in the world which we live in. However, standardized tests do not measure up to any of those traits. Forcing students to partake in drills and practices under the suggestion that preparation for this test determines their success. Something that does not do them any few favors in the long

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