Persuasive Essay On Standardized Tests

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High school students planning to attend college usually have a dream school in mind. But what will determine if they get to continue their dream or have to reevaluate their college plan? A student 's standardized test scores and can either make or break their college plan. A student 's ACT score or SAT score will determine if they are at the academic level to be accepted into a college. Test scores throughout all ages are a very object and fair way to measure a student 's knowledge. Standardized tests are created and written to test what students have learned and to compare what one student knows to what another student does. From kindergarten screenings to high school final exams, these tests are administered to see how a student performs …show more content…
Standardized tests are important for many reasons. These tests help to hold students accountable for their education. Student 's can measure their yearly progress and set realistic goals for their future. Teachers and schools must also be accountable for teaching. Test scores will show how well a teacher has taught their students and if the student 's have retained the information. The curriculum students are taught must be kept up to date. Without these tests, that would be very hard to tell. All students deserve a fair education and a fair chance to learn information that is up to date. Student 's can see where they compare to other student 's with these test scores. Student 's can also see where the compare towards important set testing requirements. These tests can make or break a student 's grade or chance to getting into the college of their dreams. Standardized tests are important and should not be taken lightly. While some people find these tests to be unfair and have no use, there are many valuable reasons that all students must complete these

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