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  • Psychometric Testing

    Psychometric testing is generally a scientific term used to measure the mental capabilities and behavioural style of the person under testing. When we refer to psychometric testing or psychometric assessment we refer to tests, profiles or a combination of the two which then allows us to form a stronger understanding of a candidates’ job suitability. Psychometric testing has been in use for years. The French government assigned a psychologist ’Binet’ to develop a system of measuring intelligence for children in the early 1900’s . Since then, this system has been used to find out if a child has a learning disability in order to provide the child with suitable assistance. Psychometric tests can assess attributes that are not measured by other…

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  • SSAIS-R Psychometric Test Analysis

    Introduction Below follows a four-fold discussion and analysis of the SSAIS-R psychometric test. It begins with an in-depth description of the test, linking with what the test measures. Then moving on to motivation for whether it was a good choice or not, and lastly identifying key problems with the psychometric test. An in-depth description of the test SSAIS-R stands for Senior South African Intelligence Scales-Revised. This test has played a central role in the intelligence testing of South…

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  • The Definitions Of Job Satisfaction: Characteristics: Psychometrics

    620070481 University of the West Indies Psychometrics Psyc2007 According to Irpate (2013) he quotes from Ivancevich and Donnelly (1968) that “Job satisfaction is the favourable viewpoint of the worker toward the work role, he present by occupies.” Irpate (2013) also quotes a few other definitions of job satisfaction such as, Job satisfaction is simply how people feel about their jobs and different aspects of job (Spector, 1997). It is an attitudinal (and affective) response to one’s job…

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  • Case Study: Psychometric Assessment

    Cadbury Psychometric assessment has always played a part in Cadbury recruitment process. However paper-based tests can be unwieldy and time-consuming. Applicants used to spend 90 minutes of an assessment day on verbal and numerical tests. After a successful trial last, they’ve cut this down to a 45- minute online experience prior to the interview stage. Cadbury feel this is a far more efficient way of achieving what they want to achieve. It also means they get better value out of thier…

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  • The Reliability Of Counter-Productivity And Personality Analysis

    This positive correlation suggested that the higher the score in customer service orientation questionnaire (i.e. which means you are less agreeable, less conscientious and less emotion stable), the more likely that you are a counter-productive employee. Result suggested that there is indeed a relation between psychometric test and job performance. Results from Tett, Jackson and Rothstein’s (1991) meta-analysis supported the relation between job performance and psychometric tests (r= .24), and…

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  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire

    Explicit informed consent will be collected from applicants before they engage in any psychometric testing. All psychometric tests used are job relevant and this able to be justified through their measurement of competencies identified by a detailed Job Analysis. Feedback of test results is provided by a knowledgeable individual with appropriate explanations, interpretations and identifications of test limitations and tasks within this process will not be given to persons not competent and…

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  • Literature Review Of Beck Depression Inventory

    to be not useful in regards to identifying depression symptoms and were not added to the BDI-II. Agitation, worthlessness, difficulty concentratin, and energy level loss were added to the BDI-II be able to “assess a distincitee degree of intensity of depression” (Wong & Gorensteain, 2013, p. 416). Since the release of the BDI-II it has been translated into seventeen languages and is currently used in Europe, the Middle East, Latin American, and Asia (Wang & Gorenstein, 2013). This general…

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  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Essay

    essence of psychometric properties. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI is a self-report, forced-choice questionnaire regarding personality inventory. Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers originally developed the assessment with the first version of MBTI Manual published in 1962 (Kaler, 2007). The MBTI is designed to assess an individual’s preferences of one’s own perception and judgment with the belief that different vocations favored different personality orientations (Myers,…

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  • Reflective And Objective Analysis

    individual’s ability to learn from experience and adapt to the environment in which they live. I believe that the construct of intelligence should encompass an individual’s ability to effectively communicate in both written and verbal form, to think logically, and to express creativity. Two intelligence tests in which I recently had the opportunity to take and score included the Shipley Institute of Living Scale-2 and the Wonderlic Personnel Test. The purpose of this paper is to objectively…

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  • Comparison Between Southwood School Recruitment And Selection

    The following is a brief overview of the current recruitment and selection methods used by the Southwood School. Definition Advantage Disadvantage Application Form Campus Recruiting/educational Institutions • Can hire people to grow with the organization • Plentiful sources of talent • Time consuming • Only appropriate for certain types of experience levels • Only posted once in a newspaper publication which limited the amount of candidates applying for the position • Not provided online or…

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