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  • Standardized Test Hypothesis

    Hypothesis High school students who read recreationally on a daily basis have higher standardized test scores. Overview of Experiment Volunteers will take a standardized test before the beginning of the experiment. Then, for a period of three weeks groups will have a scheduled reading program. Groups will either not read on a daily basis, for 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes. We will ask that they provide material they have read as a determination of whether they have completed the program or not. After completion of the program, participants will take another standardized test to compare to their scores on the pretest as well as those of other students. Results will be determined not only comparing scores to those of other students, but…

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  • Essay On Standardized Tests

    jump? Well, snakes can not jump. So why is it acceptable to measure students’ intelligence by giving them a single test? Intelligence is the ability to retain information and apply it to everyday life. The snake is intelligent, but can not perform certain tasks that other animals can do everyday. One test is not a good representation of all of the time spent at school. There are students who can not take tests like other kids, they struggle. There are also students who are just good at taking…

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  • Standardized Test Takers

    Students who are poor test takers because of nerves may not be able to show what they are actually capable of for the test simply because they are not good test takers. Since some students are not good test takers, they almost need the perfect environment to take standardized tests. Testing conditions such as a room's lighting being too dark or too light, too cold or too hot, the color of the walls, the types of chairs in the room, and the type of desk being used for the test could all be big…

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  • Standardized Tests Essay

    Ever since around the 1920s, schools have utilized test such as the SAT or the ACT to measure intelligence. These test were given to compare how one school competes against other schools for a national test average. Even today, they are used nationwide to measure growth.A popular question has arisen throughout our country. Just how accurate are these test anyways? Many people think that these tests are not very effective in determining an individual’s intelligence as well as other methods. So,…

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  • Should Standardized Tests Be Modified?

    we were learning about standardized tests and how they overlap into teaching and in the middle of learning about standardized tests we were interrupted by an I-step practice test. I mentioned that because I thought it was ironic since during the reading about standardized tests we were learning about how they take up class time that could be used for learning then a practice test interrupted the our class. These reasons are why we we should change standardized tests to better our students,…

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  • Standardized Test Bias

    Do your best on the test- This statement of encouragement is often used in North Carolina schools right before students complete standardized tests. Standardized tests are common and this memorable and catchy saying is used to motivate students to succeed. With that being said, what exactly is a standardized test? According to the Glossary of Education Reform, “A standardized test is any form of test that requires all test takers to answer the same questions, or a selection of questions from a…

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  • Standardized Test

    Standardized Testing: All Guess and no Check “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela’s words ring clear and true; the importance of education is obvious to all. That is exactly why it is such a highly contested issue in the contexts of politics, schools, and homes all across the nation. Only a few weeks ago, President Obama passed the Every Student Succeeds Act, a massive comprehensive education reform that serves to ensure a proper…

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  • Standardized Tests In Higher Education

    National standardized tests reproduce and reinforce America’s class structure, placing poor students of color at a significant disadvantage when it comes to graduating from high school and pursuing higher education. Standardized tests also enforce a classroom teaching method which devalues students’ lived experiences and encourages the reproduction of knowledge in a way that positions European contributions to society as the most valuable contributions. Throughout my undergraduate degree, I have…

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  • Standardized Test Advantages

    A standardized test is any form of test that requires all test takers to answer same questions or a selection of questions from common bake questions. Also, all of the tests are scored in a “standard” or consistent form. Which makes it possible to compare the relative performance from an individual student or a group of students. The test is in a multiple choice format asking different types of questions; such as true-false questions, short-answer questions, essay questions or a mix of all of…

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  • The Importance Of Standardized Test Scores

    child’s school has the lowest standardized test scores in the area, would you want to withdraw your child? The school board is thinking about foreclosing your child’s school because they are not getting high enough standardized test scores. Due to their very low test scores the government is not funding the school as they should be funded. Without the money they needed from the government, they are not able to buy resources that their students need to be successful in life. Not only can the…

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