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  • The Great War: The Stanley Cup (WWI)

    Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. 1893- Lord Stanley, the governor general, donates the Stanley Cup as a hockey trophy. Lord Stanley, bought a 7” high and 11” wide silver cup (the Stanley Cup) what had cost 10 guineas. (What is $50) In 1926 the Stanley cup became the national trophy for the national hockey league. He donated the Stanley cup because of that he thought that there should be a challenge cup for the league. The first Stanley cup was play on March 22 1894, and it was played in Montreal. The cup was won and give to the Montreal AAA with their defeat over the Ottawa generals. Lord Stanley was born on the 15th of January of 1841, and he died on 14th of June of 1908. Princess…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Detroit Red Wings

    Detroit Michigan at Joe Louis Arena! We have a good game coming, San Jose Sharks vs. Detroit Red Wings game 7 of the 2016 Stanley Cup Finals”. “Yeah Doc, this has been a tough series, very physical game play by these two teams, we've seen stats we have never seen before in the cup finals, each team is averaging 60 shots on goal a game, that is insane!” “Thanks Eddie, now we go to center ice for the puck drop.” I was really nervous, in my rookie season, 19 years old, my team and I got to…

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  • Sport: The Similarities Between Hockey And Soccer

    highest league. NHL as a league has its own trophy which is known as the Stanley Cup. In Soccer the World Cup is the term used to describe postseason play success. Hockey and soccer have always had similar and different characteristics that are unique to each…

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  • History Of Ice Hockey

    Next, I will discuss the reform of Soccer from a global standpoint. Soccer is quite a unique sport as it is celebrated strongly across the world. Beginning in Ancient Greece and Rome, games of soccer became a fun pastime among many civilians. Eventually, Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) formed to become the organization that regulates the games and processes of professional soccer. Furthermore, being formed in 1904 through a confederation of a few European countries, FIFA…

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  • Fighting In Hockey Research Paper

    In rebuttal to the argument that fighting is unsafe, this category of people argues that fighting actually prevents dangerous plays like spearing, charging, high-sticking, and slashing to name a few. Through fighting, enforcers protect star players from being injured or from taking cheap shots from the opposition. For example, knowing that a player like Dave Semenko would be ready to fight kept opposing players from taking liberties against the Edmonton Oilers’ superstar Wayne Gretzky, one of…

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  • Informative Essay On Ice Hockey

    players on the team. A perfect example of this is the Flyers Dave ‘The Hammer’ Schultz. In the early 1970s, the flyers had a star hockey player by the name of Bobby Clarke. Clarke is arguably one of the best players to play the game, and the Flyers could not afford to let their star player get injured. The management, led by Ed Snider, decided to bring in a player that could protect their prized possession. “Hammer made a lot of people nervous the night before they came to Philadelphia. They had…

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  • Ice Hockey Research Paper

    current league, the National Hockey League (NHL) was founded in 1917 to structuralize the various teams around North America. The NHL reviews rule changes and schedules the games in which the many teams play. Ice Hockey is considered one of the 4 most popular sports in North America, as well as being very prominent in Canada. Thus, ice hockey is a very popular sport that is enjoyed across the US and Canada. Although the sport is quite popular, the viewership isn’t very exceptional when compared…

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  • The Cold War On Ice Bobby Orr Analysis

    Bobby Orr, who used to be a professional player for the NHL team the Boston Bruins, can be seen flying across the ice after scoring the game-winning goal of game four in the Stanley Cup Final of 1970. This photograph was taken by Ray Lussier at the old Boston Garden on May 10th, 1970. It represents one of the most famous goals in hockey history giving Boston its first Stanley Cup win in a long time. The photograph symbolizes the spirit hockey has and the Boston Bruins. It is a very interesting…

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  • Blood Of Water By Albert Jack And R. Richard Pustelniak

    different meaning; that the blood within a fellowship is stronger than that of birth (water of the womb), of which I agree with. I have always had a very loving family, and most of my friends would agree. My family is split between my father who is a Chicago native and my mother whose family has farmed around St. Charles for the past century. That being said I disagree with many of the diverse political, social, and even economical opinions within my family. The night I almost lost my best…

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  • The Calgary Flames In The NHL

    The Calgary Flames have been in the National Hockey League since 1980. They won the Stanley Cup in 1989, the trophy for being champions of the league. Hockey is considered to be “Canada’s Game” as it is the most popular sport among Canadians. The Flames are one of the seven Canadian franchises in the NHL. They are part of one of the biggest rivalries in the NHL, which is the battle of Alberta. The Flames have nine players currently in the hockey hall of fame. The Calgary Flames generated 430…

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