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  • Disadvantages Of Standardized Testing Essay

    Disadvantages of using Standardized testing as a measure of knowledge Standardized testing was thought to be a measure of student knowledge for years, and were used to assure that teachers were teaching effectively and students were retaining what was being taught. These test scores were compared to students from across the Nation. The student range extended to students from private schools with a lot of money and students from state funded schools. The information gathered was used to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses, which showed teachers what each child needed help in. However, these tests were given too much power in our education system. These tests added to the pressure students were already under to retain all of the…

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  • Standardized Testing In Texas

    test Every year since 1980 the State of Texas has implemented some form of standardized testing. The theory behind these tests is to monitor the efficacy of teachers and performance of student as well as prepare them for life after graduation. These standardized tests are used for creating marketable young adults. The first of these Standardized tests in Texas was the TABS, Texas Assessment of Basic Skills. The TABS test was utilized from 1984 to 1990. This test was administered to students in…

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  • The Negative Influence Of Standardized Testing In Education

    standardized test to receive a high school diploma will not improve the educational standards or academic achievement in our schools. Every year students have to take tests to prove that they remember what they have learned that year and each year hundreds of students have panic attacks, blackouts, stress and they fail. In 2002 after no child left behind pass the standardized testing has not increase students achievement. Standardized testing hurts a student’s certainty, creates a multiple…

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  • Black/White Educational Achievement Gap

    The article below is an excerpt from the Policy Information Report, published by the Educational Testing Service and is based on 2008 NAEP data. Although the following discussion focuses on the Black/White educational achievement gap the paper discusses trends in the gap between Black and White educational attainment, school achievement, and contextual factors from the beginning of the 20th century to the present time. I believe mobility plays a big part in the gap. Being born and raised in a…

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  • Standardized Tests: Are They Killing Creativity?

    Valerie Strauss, with the National Education Policy Center, states in her article “The Myths of Standardized Testing”, that, “the outsized emphasis on test scores has driven instruction toward items with one clear, right answer.” As previously stated, teachers will spend additional hours at the schools ensuring their pay isn’t cut. The Central Education Program, enacted by President Obama, put pressure on standardized test scores. School systems—students, principles, and teachers— would suffer…

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  • The Benefits Of Standardized Testing

    Standardized testing has been around for many years, as far back as the nineteenth century. Like standardized tests are today, they were mainly used to make decisions about college admissions and high school graduation. Now, standardized tests are used more for college admissions than high school graduation. After World War II, standardized tests were administrated more broadly. Many of the educators liked standardized tests because of the fact that they evaluate a student’s performance in a…

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  • SAT Argument Essay

    SAT scores are still a prominent factor for many school’s requirements. This prompted applicants to focus on the criteria that most influences the admission decision-SAT scores. Lloyd Thacker, founder of The Education Conservancy, states that “the admission process today…allocates opportunity by deciding who gets into where [and] allocates [admission] values by determining what matters in preparing for, applying to, and selecting a college” (Lloyd Thacker qtd. in Wong par. 9). Privileged…

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  • Negative Consequences Of Standardized Testing

    Standardized Testing The use of standardized, aptitude, achievement and intelligence, tests is greatly relied upon across the country to assess and compare the intelligence and knowledge of each test taker to the whole. Some examples of these tests are SATs, ACTs, PARCC as well as other state or nationally regulated tests, such as AP tests. These tests predict performance and decide the future of the students who take these tests. The value given to standardized tests scores needs to be revised…

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  • Standardized Tests Effectively Measure Student Achievement Analysis

    Analysis of “Standardized Tests Effectively Measure Student Achievement” Herbert J. Walberg, a former teacher at Harvard University and the University of Illinois at Chicago, exhibits his professional views on standardized testing. In the article, “Standardized Tests Effectively Measure Student Achievement” Walberg exhibits his views on the benefits of standardized testing. Walberg says, “Standardized tests fairly and comprehensively measure student performance, thus directly benefiting…

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  • Essay On Standardized People

    the act of choosing, because our knowledge is so complex and exposes itself in so tangled ways that is impossible to measure it in a simple true or false question. Moreover, doesn’t matter if the child is anxious, nervous, tired or if he comes from a poor and vulnerable neighborhood or from a institution that don’t have minimums conditions to teach; his future is decided for an obligatory standardized exam. Tests must serve as a picture of the current moment of learning and not as a way of…

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