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  • SAT Argumentative Essay

    Many individuals have been wondering if the overall statistic of students who live in more affluent neighborhoods will perform better on their SAT test than those who live in a lower income neighborhood. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is designed in order to test a high schooler's knowledge. This exam is widely used as a college admission test that tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math, the core that students receive education in their high school career. While many people believe that this test favors certain groups of kids, it is allowing the board to take a look back at what exactly the students are being tested on and how exactly they will propose, either a change to the test or state how their test doesn't demonstrate…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The SAT

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test or better known as just the SAT is a test that in high school that is a placement test for college. This test was not only used to place students into certain course once they enter college but it is also used to rate the schools themselves. Based on how the students did on the test at my high school, that would predict the next year by minor ways of getting to take a day off after the test is finished or bigger things like adding a course to teach us how to take the…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Problem With The SAT

    The Problem with the SAT Every day, students across the United States and beyond prepare for the SAT. These unfortunate students spend countless hours and dollars in the hopes of maximizing their scores and their futures. The SAT was designed to test a student’s academic knowledge and performance, but fails to do so today. Its credibility as an academic benchmark should be acknowledged, but the test should not be valued so highly. The SAT is far from perfect, yet high schools and colleges place…

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  • SAT Persuasive Essay

    academic progress is essential, but the mindset that high SAT or ACT scores will be a student’s only ticket into college is one that places unnecessary and unwanted stress on the average high school student. Colleges have relied on standardized test scores as a means of determining how college ready a student is and what opportunities and scholarships are available for them. While the SAT and ACT tests are intended to provide a fair assessment for students across the nation, they are simply not…

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  • SAT Argument Essay

    The SAT “is a sternly worded dinosaur of a test, graded in an arbitrary manner with outdated equipment…the only reason people take it is because they have to.” Children begin taking standardized tests in pre-kindergarten and by the time they are high school seniors, they’ve taken an average of 112 standardized tests (Strauss 1), all with one purpose: to measure and quantify intellectual ability. However, there is a growing mountain of evidence that suggests the SAT is a poor measurement of…

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  • SAT Reflection Essay

    An article from CNN discusses some of the approaching changes of the SAT. This spring, according to David Coleman, the College Board President and CEO, the test will require students to justify their answers. Among the content of the exam, the test perfect score will be adjusted from 2400 to 1600, with an optional essay. Additionally, a study tool used widely by students for a variety of core subjects, Khan Academy, will partner for the first time with the College Board to prepare students for…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Why Is The SAT Still Important?

    students. A key source of stress is from all the standardized testing taking that is required as an upperclassman. The SAT is a very common test that almost all college students took and then submitted their scores to colleges. There is too much pressure to test high so being accepted into college will be easier, but does it really matter? Is the SAT still important? The Scholastic Aptitude Test or better known as the SAT has been around since the Roaring Twenties. Although it has been…

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  • Standardized Testing Act Vs Sat Essay

    problem with standardized testing, such as the ACT and the SAT, is that anyone can learn how to take a multiple choice test without having to learn the materials related to the test question. For example, a student took a class teaching them how to look at the wording of the question for hints or clues to what is being asked, decide which answer choices make the most sense, and then eliminate the questions they feel are not correct. Therefore, eliminating the possibility to be creative and use…

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  • Abolish Reliance On SAT And SAT Scores

    Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy about whether or not colleges should abolish reliance on SAT or ACT scores in the admissions process. Many believe that colleges should indeed do away with relying on these scores, and for multiple, valid reasons. The two exam scores play an unjust and inaccurate role in determining the admission of students into a college or university. The scores primarily measure the students ' test-taking abilities. College students are expected to…

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  • What´s Standardized Testing Effective?

    Standardized testing such as the SAT and the ACT is a type of test that is meant to determine how well you understand several academic subjects in order to be admitted into college. These types of test include questions in a form of an essay, short answers, multiple choices, or a combination of these together. This practice has been used for so long that it has become a part of the American culture. Every year, high school juniors and seniors take the SAT or the ACT in the hope that they score…

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