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  • SAT Argumentative Essay

    Many individuals have been wondering if the overall statistic of students who live in more affluent neighborhoods will perform better on their SAT test than those who live in a lower income neighborhood. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is designed in order to test a high schooler's knowledge. This exam is widely used as a college admission test that tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math, the core that students receive education in their high school career. While many people believe that this test favors certain groups of kids, it is allowing the board to take a look back at what exactly the students are being tested on and how exactly they will propose, either a change to the test or state how their test doesn't demonstrate favoritism. To reduce discrepancies between income levels, the SAT board is considering vocabulary used in the exam, students' preparation, and access to tutors to be affecting the exam results to all have an effect on how the different economic classes students' portray their knowledge on the exam. It is believed that the students' life at home has a tremendous impact on how they will score on their SAT exam. An adjustment the college board has recently made to their test is the vocabulary that is being used on the test. It is believed that this will change the outcomes from the exam and make it fairer for all different types of families (Goldfarb 1). As being the audience that is reading this it allows you to take on the…

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  • Standardized Testing History

    “Testing of students in the United States is now [approximately] 150 years old” (Alcocer, Paulina. "History of Standardized Testing in the United States."). Rigorous testing has become engrained into the American educational system. I disagree with the countless challenging tests subjected upon the modern student because exams such as the SAT, ACT, Iowa Basics, PSAT/NMSQT are weighted too heavily, are not accurate or full representations of a student, and correlative studies have displayed that…

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  • SAT Reflection Essay

    and the impact they have on young adults. In recent years the average SAT score has been declining, dropping a few points each year, as explained in a Fox News article by the Associated Press. In 2015 more students took the test, but less met the required benchmark, only 42 percent. Additionally, the percentages scattered drastically depending on ethnicity, ranging from 16 percent for African-American test-takers to 61 percent for Asian test-takers. Cyndie Schmeiser, chief of assessment for…

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